Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Everyone has heard of Pokemon, and everyone, though many don’t admit it, have played Pokemon. Nintendo’s most popular platform does have some extras though. A few years after the release of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Re-makes of Red and Blue were released, Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red, the game was identical prior to a few new thingsContinue reading “Pokemon Liquid Crystal”

Blog Monday 8th December 2008

Today is one of the two days of this week, I’ve today and tomorrow, woo! This is the first for quite a while which is a pure and simple blog post, I normally have loads of other stuff to talk about but this time I’m just generally blogging. So today was pretty much surrounded aroundContinue reading “Blog Monday 8th December 2008”

Keane Retrospective EP1

Featuring exlusive never before heard track ‘Into The Light’ as well as every version of Everybody’s Changing thats been hidden on Tim Rice-Oxleys PowerBook G4 for years and a demo of the b-side ‘Fly To Me’, for just under £4 its bloody worth downloading, unfortunately it comes with a video that literally no one hasContinue reading “Keane Retrospective EP1”