Blog Friday 5th February 2010 – Birthday bash, Oops, and more!

Not to start the day on a low note, but is it me or was everyone either missing today, or just extremely moody, have no idea why, I know it rained but thats just taking the mik, anyway, back to a more exciting subject eh! Birthday Bash On Wednesday, been February 3rd was of courseContinue reading “Blog Friday 5th February 2010 – Birthday bash, Oops, and more!”

Blog Monday 18th January – Week Blog, Apple News and more!

Well here we are in another blog, have to apologise for taking nearly two weeks, annoying thing for my typing hands is I’ve alot for this blog, argh they’re aching knowing whats coming up. Since my last blog an individual of the UK other than me has become single, I’ve got some awesome Apple newsContinue reading “Blog Monday 18th January – Week Blog, Apple News and more!”

Blog Tuesday 26th May 2009

This blog is waaay overdue, just noticed I actually forgot to do a blog, plus I cut my left swearing finger so most of this typing is actually rather painful. Beth’s Birthday Surprise Last Saturday it was Beth’s surprise do. Here’s the setup, she thought on Saturday they were going for a meal, which obviouslyContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 26th May 2009”

Blog Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd May 2009 – Birthday Randomness & The Theatre!!!

Yeh, it’s kinda all been happening in two days alately, probably the most eventful two-day combo I’ve had, … yep I don’t know what I’m braggin about either, let’s get started anyway! Wednesday Welcome to Wednesday, dunno why I did that but anyway. Wednesday was very very mixed day really, it started at college obviouslyContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd May 2009 – Birthday Randomness & The Theatre!!!”

Blog Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2009 – A Robful Weekend

Summary Ok, so here’s a brief run down over the events of the weekend. Basically, Friday was Rob’s kinda “oo lets go out” time and we ended up going from Weatherspoons in Cleck to Huddersfield of all places until we got pretty rat assed, then whilst all seems to be over, the banta continues onContinue reading “Blog Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2009 – A Robful Weekend”

Blog Thursday 18th December 2008

Expect: Me completely drunk, Early finish to college, App Store, and more!!! Me Completely Drunk Well not completely but you know what I mean. Yesterday at about 5:30 I got a call from Rob asking if I wanted to go to White Rose as he’d some christmas shopping to do, and to be honest, thisContinue reading “Blog Thursday 18th December 2008”

Blog Tuesday 18th November 2008 – Where have you been?

Well no effense to the ones around me, but nothings really happened out of the usual, which is probably the only reason I have been “blogless” you could say. Its only recently its suddenly hit everyone in our college class that we need to pull of a spellbinding presentation in front of the class, hooContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 18th November 2008 – Where have you been?”

Weekend Blog 17th-18th May 2008

This weekend I’ve bought a new phone, a Sagem my511X, the phone is actually really good, my new number is on my MSN and will be for about a week, I’m also in the production of making a Media Player, oo! Also you can now download Selection DVDs again I know the links didn’t workContinue reading “Weekend Blog 17th-18th May 2008”

Blog Friday 18th April 2008

Well today I didn’t get hit on the head with any source of sport balls which is a relief! James S was tired out of his head, in other words “stoned” he says “he slept half a minute”, ouch! I’ve added Price-Drop tv to TV if anyone is really bothered about watching live shopping channels!Continue reading “Blog Friday 18th April 2008”