Apple spec bumps MacBook Pro Line 2011

Apple have today surprised us all … OK not all of us, but anyway, have updated their MacBook Pro lines spec wise now with some pretty nice offerings for the same price, lets have a look! 13 inch The 13 inch Macbook Pro saw a pretty cool spec update. The machine remains a purely DualContinue reading “Apple spec bumps MacBook Pro Line 2011”

Apple MacBook Pro Update = Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt and more!

Today Apple shocked the crowd … OK they didn’t we saw it coming, but anyway, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro line and from afar you probably can’t tell that they’ve changed it, even though the ports have changed, next to the previous gen still look the same, more on that in a minute. ContraryContinue reading “Apple MacBook Pro Update = Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt and more!”

Blog Tuesday 17th March 2009

It’s St Patrick’s Day, yep bet you didn’t know till you went on Google either then, unless your irish … yeh. Anyway, back to reality if I can try. College This week has been pretty awesome and I didn’t do a blog yesterday so I wouldn’t jinx it but who cares, basically Jonathan hasn’t beenContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 17th March 2009”

MacWorld 2009 – The Results

Expect all Mac in this blog!!! (Note: This blog is huuuggge, and not just because I spelt huge like that) New 17″ MacBook Pro If they weren’t good enough already! OK, don’t moan if you purchased a MacBook Pro for christmas and its the old one, everyone knows about the J months and Apple, tryContinue reading “MacWorld 2009 – The Results”

Blog Thursday 20th November 2008

Since my last blog I have been attacked by a pidgeon, envied an american and tripped over a pencil, yeh, it is all happening now!!! Wednesdays at college used to be just as bad as Mondays as they were the only days that were full days, today being the day off, yeaah! But now WednesdaysContinue reading “Blog Thursday 20th November 2008”