Apple iPhone 4 32GB – First Impression / Review

Apple iPhone 4 Review Introduction The iPhone 4 has, lets face it, probably had the most unusual and varied beginnings of any, not only Apple but any, product of all time. Starting with massive “wow”, record breaking sales, then oh somethings not right with the antenna, then orrr, its just been too much! Well, beforeContinue reading “Apple iPhone 4 32GB – First Impression / Review”

The Ultimate iPhone 4 Contract (UK Only)

When it comes to the iPhone, many people think its expensive to get one, but to be honest all you need to do is to look around more, it turns out a UK Supermarket has probably the ultimate iPhone contract, check this out for value, oh and that’s not to mention you get Clubcard pointsContinue reading “The Ultimate iPhone 4 Contract (UK Only)”

Blog Monday 12th July 2010

Well whilst nothings really happened today, quite a few things have happened recently which I might as well mention, seen as this is a blog! Anyway. Barbecue from a Bucket! As you know its currently the holidays, so my mind really can’t remember any dates of anything, which was the original reason for having aContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th July 2010”

Apple iPhone 4 Contract Deals – Which is the best?

The iPhone 4 is definitely the best smartphone out there, bar-none. But, like all good tech, it comes at a price, but actually not at a price you are probably expecting, below we’ve listed the cheapest deals from each network to give you a better idea on who to choose. O2 was the first providerContinue reading “Apple iPhone 4 Contract Deals – Which is the best?”

iPhone/iPod Touch App Review : Bounce On!

Price: £2.39 / Free Lite/Demo Version also available. Review This is quite possibly the easiest game to start using, you have literally one control, you touch to jump, and turn left and right to move. Whilst the scenario of gameplay sounds rather boring it becomes very addictive, I’ve had this game for two weeks nowContinue reading “iPhone/iPod Touch App Review : Bounce On!”

iPhone/iPod Touch App Review: Subway Shuffle

Price: £1.79 (Free version also available with less levels ‘Subway Shuffle Lite) Review First impressions have never been a good thing for me, and that sticks with this game, it looks very plain and boring, which maybe a reason why it might not be very well known, but getting into it, it suddenly becomes addictive,Continue reading “iPhone/iPod Touch App Review: Subway Shuffle”