Apple MacBook Pro Update = Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt and more!

Today Apple shocked the crowd … OK they didn’t we saw it coming, but anyway, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro line and from afar you probably can’t tell that they’ve changed it, even though the ports have changed, next to the previous gen still look the same, more on that in a minute. ContraryContinue reading “Apple MacBook Pro Update = Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt and more!”

13″ Aluminium MacBook (Feb ’09) 1 Year Review

To be perfectly honest I can’t believe it either, yes, it is exactly one year since I got my very first Mac, the Aluminium MacBook, now known as the 13” MacBook Pro. I chose the then top spec MacBook, the 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, with 2GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB Hard Drive and the newContinue reading “13″ Aluminium MacBook (Feb ’09) 1 Year Review”

MacBook 13.3" Aluminium – 1st Day Impressions

I ordered my MacBook last Thursday and to be honest expected it atleast a week after that, being the coming Thursday, but no, it arrived at 11AM yesterday and pleased I was of this, since I recieved it, already installed iLife ’09 (disc came in box) and Office:mac 2008. Overall Thoughts My overall thoughts are,Continue reading “MacBook 13.3" Aluminium – 1st Day Impressions”

Blog Tuesday 27th January 2009 – Apple Secretly Updates White MacBook

Oh yes, the white MacBook has been looking pretty bleak since the new aluminium version, but Apple aren’t giving it up yet, they have secretly updated the old MacBook with a few small features which could of been the reason you recently got or wanted the aluminium version. NVidia GeForce 9400M Maybe this one wasContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 27th January 2009 – Apple Secretly Updates White MacBook”