Blog Saturday 12th February 2011

Well, since my last blog we’ve entered the world of February and what a month its been so far, multiple rumours going round of new Apple gear, rumours of Gorillaz splitting up then confirmation from them that they aren’t and then rumours that I never went to a strip club, which I can confirm that I … … might have! lol.Continue reading “Blog Saturday 12th February 2011”

Blog Monday 12th July 2010

Well whilst nothings really happened today, quite a few things have happened recently which I might as well mention, seen as this is a blog! Anyway. Barbecue from a Bucket! As you know its currently the holidays, so my mind really can’t remember any dates of anything, which was the original reason for having aContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th July 2010”

Blog Thursday 12th February 2009 – MacBook Ordered and More!

Expect: Anger, Exitement and “err… go on then” MacBook Ordered I’m happy and extreemly exited to report that my MacBook is ordered and is under shipment, oh am I exited or what! Heres the breif specs of the system in question; — 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (Centrino2) 1044Mhz running system (All PCs I’veContinue reading “Blog Thursday 12th February 2009 – MacBook Ordered and More!”

Blog Monday 12th – Saturday 17th 2009 – The Week in Whole!

Expect: Day off freedom again, Nice visit to the dentist?, My laptop stolen in repair, and more! College Week This week has been the second Emily-less weeks, if you don’t know Emily is, you really need to back track, bad style, actually getting quite worried, oh well. On Monday I had a rather fluent dayContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th – Saturday 17th 2009 – The Week in Whole!”

Blog Friday 12th September 2008

Well I started college on Monday and upto Wednesday I was starting at like 10:30 and finishing somewhat to 3pm, then I got my timetable and it all stops, 9am, but i suppose its not all bad, seen as I start at 1:30PM on tuesdays and theirs of course, the Thursday day off, which isContinue reading “Blog Friday 12th September 2008”

Blog Monday 12th May 2008

Don’t know what Whitcliffe Mount are thinking with this perthetic break and lunch arrangement I mean its just, well like I said perthetic. Also today Mr B is still not back so we had this african/jamacan dude, no one could tell what he was saying, but no one cared either! Seen as Ste still hasn’tContinue reading “Blog Monday 12th May 2008”