Blog Wednesday 11th May 2011

I know what you’re thinking ya thinking, well probably first I we really starting this conversation thing at the start of the blog, well yes on that one! No, you’re probably thinking, err, wow Ben a midweek blog, and yes we’re gonna see how it goes. No, stuff has sorta happened really so err, letsContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 11th May 2011”

Blog Monday 11th October 2010 – Got the 4, Reunion and Well that were crap!

Since my last visit to you campers, well quite a bits happened so err… lets get to it then shall we! iPhone 4 Well, in my last post I was talking about what deal to get with the iPhone 4, and well, now I kinda have one so lets get in to that shall we.Continue reading “Blog Monday 11th October 2010 – Got the 4, Reunion and Well that were crap!”

Blog Tuesday 11th August 2009 – Week alone, Sleep overs, New Apple Purchase and more!

You know when you feel tired at the wrong time, well I do now, just to let ya know that. Anyway, back to the story in hand, … … OH YES, the blog! Week Alone Call me weird, but I love it when the house is empty, and I got a real treat last weekContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 11th August 2009 – Week alone, Sleep overs, New Apple Purchase and more!”

Blog Monday 11th May 2009

Well the weekend was pretty quiet and expected really, yep, back to normal boring weekends it would seem, theirs me thinking weekends were going to be abit more exciting thanks to Masaga, but that like everything we do seems to have grinded to a halt, you know something, I actually give up to be honest!Continue reading “Blog Monday 11th May 2009”

Blog Wednesday 11th March – YouTube Bans, iPod Shuffle ’09, and more!

YouTube axing music for UK Viewers! I’m gonna start this blog with something annoying, and if you’re easily offended, look… well I’d say look away but your reading, err… skip a few lines. Basically the contract that Google signed in 2003 to allow music on their site, as well as most importantly YouTube, music videosContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 11th March – YouTube Bans, iPod Shuffle ’09, and more!”

Blog Thursday 11th September 2008

Well this has been very long awaited but theirs alot to be put into one blog!!! BLOG ON BLOGGER! This blog is going onto blogger, and on RKUK Online and will obviously be a good move for commenting and the ability to search through previous blog posts far easier than just looking through the previous,Continue reading “Blog Thursday 11th September 2008”

Blog Wednesday 11th June "For the last time, We'll E-Ya Later"

I appologise to everyone who I told that the iPhone 3G came out today, nah sorry, 11th July, sorry! Back to today, today I had my final last exam, and when I left it was the last, as in school for me is over! I’m gonna take this moment to wish everyone who I haven’t,Continue reading “Blog Wednesday 11th June "For the last time, We'll E-Ya Later"”

Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008

This weekend I’ve done two things actually, released the RKUK Web Browser 1.2 which is very good, recommend it obviously, goto RKUK Online and click Browser. Also added Elvis to MP3ME thanks to a request by Adam, Ste and Nathan, Nathan and Adam mostly! One thing which surprised me this weekend is I got anContinue reading “Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008”

Blog Friday 11th April 2008

Today was quite interesting actually, erm, Clayton has an admirer which he found quite scary even though he doesn’t know who she is, hmm! As for lessons, a normal “empty-school” day, if your in yr10 would be great to hear how good or bad your w/e is going Chris Kay, James Spicer and me continuedContinue reading “Blog Friday 11th April 2008”