Microsoft Windows 7 Review

Microsoft did something they haven’t done for a while, in fact for ever, Windows Vista wasn’t even laying a bit of dust and, bam!, here’s this beta of a new operating system and then, boom, you’ve got Windows 7 released. So, whats the crack, is it good, worth it, gonna be a turn around forContinue reading “Microsoft Windows 7 Review”

Just got a Mac, 10 things your probably should and might as well do!

1. Update your machine! Click the Apple Logo and select ‘Software Update’ and update your machine to the latest versions off all available options. 2. Download video codec for Quicktime 7 (Leopard) or X (Snow Leopard) i. XVid/DivX – Download from allows you to play .AVI and Matroska files ii. Flip4Mac – Search in Google, Microsoft link. AllowsContinue reading “Just got a Mac, 10 things your probably should and might as well do!”

Blog Wednesday 14th May 2008

Today I woke up quite refreshed actually, nicely waking up at 10am, bit of a chat on MSN, fake revising on BBC, its all good, don’t know how the test has gone though, can’t really remember. Would you believe it if I told you me and Rob had yet again gone to IKEA on footContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 14th May 2008”

Blog Thursday 8th May 2008

Today started off randomly as before I stepped into my first lesson which was science, the fire alarm went off, it wasn’t a planned drill, someone had set it off somehow, which is a bit random! I’ll tell you something far more random, Dr Conrad Episode 10 is made and is online!!!!!!!!!!!! You will notContinue reading “Blog Thursday 8th May 2008”

Blog Wednesday 9th April 2008

Today has been yet another boring day, its amazing how much space Yr10 must take, it almost gives a sour taste in your mouth and I’ve no idea why, hope your Work EX is going alright you lot! I’ve updated RKUK Online’s menu scheme, but if anyone is finding it hard to find something, theirContinue reading “Blog Wednesday 9th April 2008”

Dr Conrad Episode 10 (EpX)

Most people know RKUK are planning a Dr Conrad Movie after the Dr Conrad success on both YouTube and Dailymotion as well as RKUK Online, we are going to create the first Dr Conrad episode which is planned, its got a script and everything and it will be an introduction to the Dr Conrad MovieContinue reading “Dr Conrad Episode 10 (EpX)”