Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008

This weekend I’ve done two things actually, released the RKUK Web Browser 1.2 which is very good, recommend it obviously, goto RKUK Online and click Browser. Also added Elvis to MP3ME thanks to a request by Adam, Ste and Nathan, Nathan and Adam mostly! One thing which surprised me this weekend is I got anContinue reading “Weekend Blog 10th-11th May 2008”

Blog Friday 9th May 2008

Next week the exams start and I’m f**kin sh****g myself right now, really! Nought much different happened today in fact same old, my previous blog explains how I’m currently feeling about life at the moment! On a good note, again not about me, the browser 1.2 is released tomorrow night!!! Woopty-Doo! Ben http://rkukonline.ds4a.com