Wikipedia: Vevo (stylized as VEVO) is a music video website. It is a joint venture among Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media with EMI licensing its content to the group without taking an ownership stake. The service was launched officially on December 8, 2009. The videos on VEVO are syndicated across the web, with Google and VEVO sharing the advertising revenue.
VEVO offers music videos from three of the ‘big four’ major record labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI. Warner Music Group was initially reported to be considering hosting its content on VEVO, but subsequently formed a rival alliance with MTV Networks, There are more than 45,000 videos available on VEVO. *Read more here

RKUK Media History: VEVO partnered with RKUK Media in 2009 and helped add content to the then running Selection DVD service, now discontinued. Now VEVO provide links out to all major music content that RKUK Media has in its array of content.

Check out VEVO here! Available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

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