RKUK Entertainment Back Catalogue Coming to RKUK Media

RKUK Entertainment is finally coming to RKUK Media! We’ve a lot to come, including…



The Limit

Coming Soon – A series of given challenges all to find out ‘The Limit’ of both everyday things, to the extraordinary.

The Field Mini Movie

Coming Soon – A small Mini-Movie, The Field is a horror movie set in a field where a mysterious disappearance of a young boy sparks investigation.

Other Wacky Videos

Coming Soon – ‘Other Wacky Videos’ is a collective of non-series content, including famous videos such as Rob Eating Dog Food, to Grandad Lee Up a Ladder, to many more.

Magnetic Food Adverts

Coming Soon – Now you really can have your breakfast on the bus with the new Magnetic Food, find out more in our parody advertisements.

Strength Ball

Coming Soon – An unexpected success surrounding the basic, though judged incorrect by many, use of a Strength Ball

Shocking Stuff

Coming Soon – Introducing the Game Show Shocking Stuff, the show that’s truly … shocking. A full episode and a pilot were recorded.

Marvin and Alvin

Coming Soon – Where are they? They’re in the Wine Cellar. Join Marvin and Alvin on their short journeys around … generally no where.


Coming Soon – Introducing a new exclusive preview in to the new game, Planking … no, not what you think. Find out more in our Tutorial and a few episodes

Hulk Wonderwomen

Coming Soon – Introducing a duo set of episodes branded Hulk and Wonderwomen, why? Well, why not

National Tree Hugging Society

Coming Soon – The National Tree Hugging Society are a passionate bunch, including their main leader, and of course Tony.

Live Performances

Coming Soon – In association with Kirkless College Huddersfield Centre, RKUK Live delivered a duo of Live Performances you can re-live right here!


Company Advertisements

Coming Soon – A collection of ads used by companies, broadcasted through the RKUK Entertainment network