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Watch the latest Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon from the beginning to the latest episode right here!

Anime Catch Up

Watch the latest episodes of Sun and Moon right here!
Return and catch up on the final Season from the Kalos Region with XY&Z

Soul Link

Soul Link is an all-new take on co-oping the Pokémon Series of Games, created by TheKingNappy and Shady Penguinn, the concept links two playthroughs of the same Generation of Pokémon Games in ways never before possible.

So far, Generation 1 to 5 have been completed, with an ALL NEW X&Y SOUL LINK coming this September 1st!

Walkthrough Series

Watch TheKingNappy himself in his Walkthrough of Pokémon Sun, as he takes his first steps through the all new Alola Region!

TheKingNappy also has done Walkthroughs of the following Series, which you can find on RKUK Media;

Watch Chuggaaconroy himself in his latest Pokémon Walkthrough through the Sinnoh Region in his fully informative Pokémon Platinum series.

Chuggaaconroy also has more Pokémon Walkthroughs available on RKUK Media including;

Marriland takes a journey through the Kalos Region with Pokémon X.

Marriland also has the following Walkthroughs available on RKUK Media;

  • Pokémon Moon
  • Pokémon White 2
  • Pokémon Black 2


Poké-Roast is a new Game Show hosted by TheKingNappy where two players must defend and roast two selected random Pokémon for each player. Each episode consists of 3 rounds, where a winner is decided upon the next episode.

Unused Content explores the many Pokémon Games, surrounding the many beta content, unused content and in some cases, content in the Retail versions likely not intended.

Information and Help

A collection of information and help on the Pokémon Series is becoming available on RKUK Media, you can choose from the selected content below by Game or Series in question.


Pokémon Berries Growth Time

Pokémon Natures Chart


Island Scan – Full collection of QR Codes

Magearna – Code for both UK/EU and US

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