Classic The Late Late Show 2005 – First Episode with Craig Ferguson

[CLASSIC] The Late Late Show

3rd January 2005

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
Here’s a classic episode of The Late Late Show, the first ever episode with Craig Ferguson as a host, how times change eh.

*This episode of The Late Late Show is available in 2 versions. An online Flash player and a mobile version using H.264 that works on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and beyond.

Sagem myV-65 Review

Sagem old logo
© Safran Group
First Impression
Sagem have been branded rather basic handsets over the last few years but with the new Sagem myV-65 (Vodafone version of the myX-6) that could soon change. The myV-65 offers everything you could ever want in a phone, its got a high quality VGA camera with 4x zoom, Java Games including two full games out of the box, plus the ability to download more on Vodafone Live! It also allows you to record 30 seconds high quality (.amr) audio using a built in microphone and the ability to use that as your ringtone, a nice exclusive feature to the Sagem. One pro feature in the myV-65 is built in Infrared technology, or IrDA as its known on the handset, this is great for sending and receiving files between two handsets rather than paying the charges you do by sending by MMS, which is another feature of the handset. It’s not an ugly device either, a nice light blue outter shell, and the backlighting really compliments the actually very easy to use controls. The camera has an open/close door to keep the lens clean. To add to that they’re changeable covers for it, so you can personalize your look and feel of the device to make it truly your own.
Has everything you could ever want in a mobile phone, plus a highly reasonable price to fit. This is definitely gonna be one popular device. Has advanced features such as MMS and IrDA, oh and Java Games with MIDP 2.0 to add big compatibility.
Whilst having changeable covers, the ones we’ve tested have been not that enjoyable and come with terrible rubber keys.
A very reasonable full featured device thats gonna be one of the best phones of 2003. I struggle to find anything wrong with this phone, only if you don’t like the look of it would you not be impressed.
£60 (2003 Vodafone and Currys Price)
Rating :  – I struggle to find literally anything to down this phone, its perfect and cheap, eat that Nokia!
VGA Camera with 4x zoom and editing features
SMS and MMS messaging
OpenWave™ 2003 WAP Browser supporting Vodafone Live!
IrDA for easy transfer of files.
Accepts all major sound and image files.
Java Games
HQ large 65k colour screen
Changeable covers
Full featured at a price no other manufacturer can match!