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What are Selection DVD Previews

Selection DVDs are a selection of music videos, once on DVDs, now available to watch for free on RKUK Media.
Selection DVDs, like with music, is an never-ending ongoing business which means once we receive atleast 30 new videoswe will create a whole new Selection DVD out of them, during the time we get to the 30 videos which we limit as a minimum to all new Selection DVDs, we will make available a Selection DVD Preview.

Brief Overview
Selection DVD Previews are only available to members of RKUK Media and contain all the videos we’ve got ‘so far’ towards the next upcoming Selection DVD, once we’ve finished receiving tracks for the new Selection DVD the page will transform in to the page for that new Selection DVD upon its release and then, like with all the older Selection DVDs, will be available for everyone to visit and use.

RKUK Media Members
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But, it doesn’t stop there, you can upload content to RKUK Media, you can add Photos, Music, Videos, Blogs, Events and even play some of our selection of games. And, you’ll also be able to, whilst you can watch/listen to/read all the videos, music,blogs etc on RKUK Media, by being a member you can give us your opinion by either rating, or commenting, this also applies to other members for your content.
So, what’re waiting for? SIGN UP!!! … what you don’t know how? Well, scroll to the top of this page and look to your right for the words ‘Sign Up’, the things you do for people these days!

Sagem my511x Review

First Impression
The Sagem my511x has a very striking good look about it, its sleek black and looks incredible. So, looks are a good thing in this device. Its very thin, has a volume rocker on the left and what at first you think is a camera button but is actually a music player button hence the music controls around the D-pad. This phone probably won’t work for people who have large fingers as the buttons are slow and the number pad is just unusual. The number pad combines touchscreen with non-touchscreen its rather amazing when you think about it. But the biggest thing that let me down about this phone is its features, the screen resolution is weak as is the camera. It kinda makes up for it by having a microSD card slot, Bluetoothand all that, but the small screen resolution really makes it kind of a let down for me.
It looks amazing and is very simple to use with the classic Sagem UI. Reception and battery for us were also a big plus.
Its so so cheap, but looks expensive!
We were most annoyed about the screen resolution and the VGA camera is terrible. This phone would be very popular if Sagem had upped the features abit.
Overall the Sagem my511x is a mid-range mobile phone for someone who wants a bit of music, but all in all a basic user that wouldn’t mind the odd feature for back up.
£30 – £50 (release price)
Discontinued (was exclusive to Orange)
Rating :  – Its fully recommended to basic users but for anyone else its a must to avoid.
VGA Camera with video capture & 4x zoom
MP3 Player
microSD (supports no bigger than 2GB)
Java Games
65k colour screen

RKUK Launch R-Network Site!

RKUK Online announces R-Network, the all-in-one social network site from RKUK.

Like most social networks users will be able to join, upload videos, add photos, music, profiles, forum posts and so much more. The service will be provided by NING who have a great track record in these services. We at RKUK are also going to be adding our videos as well as videos from The Gadget Show (© Five Networks ltd) and Marriland who we’ve partnered with to host videos on as well. By signing up to R-Network you will be able to do literally everything you could ever want on a website.

The site will launch this Friday.

24th October 2007

Sagem my700x Review


First Impression

Available in two colours, white and pink for the ladies and black and white (or brown for Choco), the my700x is an eye catching device that is full of features. The Sagem my700x luckily for everyone is a world away from the my600x/v, whilst the my700x doesn’t have 3G, it does have all the features you wished the my600x/v had, its got a 1.3MPXL camera which supports up to 2.0MPXL, and features EDGE so that you can still get fast internet connectivity. Like the my600, the my700x has a Mini-SD card slot, Bluetooth and Java Games, but the my700x adds extras like an FM Radio with RDS, a high qualityMP3 Player with equaliser and effects whilst music is playing. Whilst the phone does feel a bit plastic, it does result on it been very responsive, especially the keypad which for us is perfect for playing games. The up, down, left, right and OK are music keys, and new for a Sagem phone you can listen to music without the player open, took them a while to get that for some reason.


Simple thin design, has all you could want and more. Fast processor. Has everything you want in a phone.


For a Sagem device it is quite expensive. The mini-SD card slot is very iffy, ours actually snapped off after 4 weeks, although we were taking it out alot for transferring files but still.


The Sagem my700x is a great phone, we really love this phone, recommend getting the ‘Choco’ version that doesn’t have the weird design at the back.


£170 (around €200)


This phone was available on the Sagem Mobiles online store, now is Discontinued.

Rating :  rating4 – Great phone, just let down by lack of 3G found in my600, and flimsy memory card door.


2.0 megapixel Camera


Java Games

FM Radio

MP3 Player with Equaliser


MiniSD Card Slot (up to 4GB)

Apple iPhone Review

First Impressions
I mean, come on, it’s Apple, of course its amazing, this is the all new mobile phone to die for and at the price its starting at you probably will have to sell quite a hefty lot of stuff for it. The iPhone is been branded as a combination between a ‘mobile communications device’, ‘widescreen touchscreen iPod’ and ‘a revolutionary internet device’ and we can’t doubt them for a minute. We definitely feel that this is going to break a storm in the mobile industry.
The phone itself is made out of aluminium and plastic, a design Apple seem to be going with with all their products which feels expensive in your hand. The front of the device is glass (apparently) and its all about the 3.5-inch touchscreen. The only buttons on the iPhone are the lock button (top right) and a home button (if you can’t spot that you’re blind). Oh, and on the left side you’ve a silent switch (which is handy) and volume rocker.
I’m sorry but where to I start. The touchscreen is a dream compared to anything we’ve seen from any other phone, its smooth and responsive as you’d want it. The iPod is amazingly easy to use, and whilst less optimistic at first, the on-screen keyboard (QWERTY) is actually very good and can be used in widescreen whilst inside the web browser. The iPhone has a built in accelerometer which means if you turn it landscape, the browser turns too which is amazing, a definite first in the mobile industry, this feature works in Safari, Apple’s built in browser which by the way is elegant, quick and just great to use, and in the iPod to show all album art in an iTunes ‘Cover Flow’ way, and Photos. Another great feature Apple are branding “multi-touch”, you can zoom into photos, snap to certain web content and rotate and all sorts, its magical, we recommend going to an Apple Store and check it out for yourself.
The camera is only 2 megapixels and has no option for video, autofocus, zoom or anything else.
Once you’ve gone over all the features a couple of times it gets a bit boring
No MMS messaging support
No 3G, relies on EDGE, GPRS or built in Wi-Fi
The price is almost a joke
Bluetooth only works on headsets (no A2DP support)
How can I summarise the phone which will dominate the papers, press and soon your pocket, the iPhone is another clear winner for Apple, they’ve done it again. Even with a few drawbacks this phone is still gonna sell loads.
from $500 with contract
Rating :  – Yes it has some major let downs but come on, this phone is amazing!
2.0 Megapixel Camera
Breakthrough HTML browsing experience
YouTube application for direct viewing of the latest videos
Check the weather, stocks and more with the built in widgets.
Widescreen iPod
2GB 4GB (and 8GB models available (introduced later))

Sagem my600v Review

First Impression
The Sagem my600v doesn’t look that special, yes its white and has quite a distinctive red side, has features you all want like a camera, memory card reader, bluetooth and even 3G but it looks and feels very cheap, and luckily for that reason it is. Thedevice is exclusive to Vodafone and is perfect for people who want a bit of everything whilst not been fussed by anything special, which is how I’d explain the my600v
Very cheap and no-nonsense phone
Kinda does anything you want
Feels very cheap, plastic-wise and flimsy memory card door
Would of been better with atleast a megapixel camera.
Quite ugly.
A good phone for someone wanting a phone that does everything you can really do with no fuss and at a nice price point, whilst let down with design and camera quality, it pays back with features.
£50 (Pay as you Go)
Rating :  – Very average features and is let down even more by poor design, but good value.
VGA Camera with 4x zoom
GPRS and 3G (but no front-facing camera)
MiniSD Card slot (up to 4GB only – RKUK Tested)
Java Games

Higher Quality Selection DVDs

You may see this around RKUK Media, this means that whatever its covering has been quality assured!

eg. “Selection 70★ …”
As you can see there is a star, this means that “Selection 70” will be in high quality!

This service will vanish once all Selection DVDs have been uploaded and then re-patched!

“Re-patched Selection DVDs”
You may or may not know that, Selection DVDs were originally 10MB Windows Media files that you could watch in a small player on RKUK Online, the same files are been added to the Selections service, RKUK since Selection 66 abolished that service and started adding more HQ videos, this is what re-patched means, replacing the old low quality videos with better ones!

Selection DVD Agreement

RKUK offer music video for free on RKUK Media taken from the RKUK Selection DVDs® system. All music videos are licensed to be played on RKUK Media by the respective owners, i.e the record contract dealer, the artist themselves, or prior record agreement.
RKUK must stress this service has no illegal value and that RKUK respect the value applied from copyright, and if this service is abused under thus circumstance, the service will discontinue.

Selection DVDs® 1-40 tracks are taken from the RKUK Selection DVD® tracklist, however the video itself may be different.
Selection DVDs® 41 – present are completely online, and will have no change.

The quality of the videos also varies in record deal contract, RKUK Media do not offer HD videos on any Selection DVDs®. Resolution varies from 320×240 – 640×480 respectively. Most Selection DVDs® are 16:9 (resolutions from 480×270), however some are of the 4:3 resolution and will leave a sideward gap. Earlier Selection DVDs® may have new versions uploaded on certain tracks to fix this! Latest Selection DVDs® after a recent deal may now be up to high definition 1280×720.
By using RKUK Selection DVDs® on RKUK Media you agree to when viewing any of our selection of music videos that you will not publicly show any content and that you will obey the copyright policy. In other words, don’t publicly show the our content, the content is for private viewing only!

©℗ RKUK Music Ltd for RKUK Media

Classic The Late Late Show 2005 – First Episode with Craig Ferguson

[CLASSIC] The Late Late Show

3rd January 2005

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
Here’s a classic episode of The Late Late Show, the first ever episode with Craig Ferguson as a host, how times change eh.

*This episode of The Late Late Show is available in 2 versions. An online Flash player and a mobile version using H.264 that works on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and beyond.

Sagem myV-65 Review

Sagem old logo
© Safran Group
First Impression
Sagem have been branded rather basic handsets over the last few years but with the new Sagem myV-65 (Vodafone version of the myX-6) that could soon change. The myV-65 offers everything you could ever want in a phone, its got a high quality VGA camera with 4x zoom, Java Games including two full games out of the box, plus the ability to download more on Vodafone Live! It also allows you to record 30 seconds high quality (.amr) audio using a built in microphone and the ability to use that as your ringtone, a nice exclusive feature to the Sagem. One pro feature in the myV-65 is built in Infrared technology, or IrDA as its known on the handset, this is great for sending and receiving files between two handsets rather than paying the charges you do by sending by MMS, which is another feature of the handset. It’s not an ugly device either, a nice light blue outter shell, and the backlighting really compliments the actually very easy to use controls. The camera has an open/close door to keep the lens clean. To add to that they’re changeable covers for it, so you can personalize your look and feel of the device to make it truly your own.
Has everything you could ever want in a mobile phone, plus a highly reasonable price to fit. This is definitely gonna be one popular device. Has advanced features such as MMS and IrDA, oh and Java Games with MIDP 2.0 to add big compatibility.
Whilst having changeable covers, the ones we’ve tested have been not that enjoyable and come with terrible rubber keys.
A very reasonable full featured device thats gonna be one of the best phones of 2003. I struggle to find anything wrong with this phone, only if you don’t like the look of it would you not be impressed.
£60 (2003 Vodafone and Currys Price)
Rating :  – I struggle to find literally anything to down this phone, its perfect and cheap, eat that Nokia!
VGA Camera with 4x zoom and editing features
SMS and MMS messaging
OpenWave™ 2003 WAP Browser supporting Vodafone Live!
IrDA for easy transfer of files.
Accepts all major sound and image files.
Java Games
HQ large 65k colour screen
Changeable covers
Full featured at a price no other manufacturer can match!