Episode 43 Forming a More Perfect Union!


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Pokémon: The Series XY and Z

Season 19 – Episode 43

Rocking Kalos Defenses


As the Kalos Gym Leaders are trying to stop the Megalith Crystal, Ash and Alain are successful in saving Chespie. The Megalith Zygarde is still able to function without Chespie. They realize that Lysandre is taking control of the Megalith Crystal. With no other option, Squishy and Z-2 join forms with every Zygarde Cell in the world to transform into the 100% Zygarde Complete Forme. The Zygarde Complete Forme is able to destroy the Megalith Zygarde and kill Lysandre in a devastating Core Enforcer move. The Zygarde Complete Forme repairs the damage caused by the battle. Squishy shares a tearful goodbye with Bonnie before returning to the planet with Z-2.

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