Episode 41 – The Right Hero for the Right Job


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Pokémon: The Series XY and Z

Season 19 – Episode 41

The Right Hero for the Right Job


Ash and Alain continue their battle against Lysandre. Ash’s Pokemon are quickly being knocked out by Lysandre’s Mega Gyarados. Ash and Alain get help from former Team Flare member and of the Elite Four Malva. Clemont and Clembot are able to get into the Lumiose Gym to destroy Team Flare’s control machine. Clemont and Clembot are able to do so, but Clembot is destroyed in the process. Serena, Sycamore, and Mairin infiltrate Lysandre Labs to rescue Chespie. Hoenn Champion Steven Stone and Team Rocket distract most of Team Flare’s forces. Bonnie is able to reach through to Squishy with her lullaby. Squishy and Z-2 are released from Team Flare’s control.

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