Episode 8 – Family Determination!



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 8

Family Determination


As everyone tries to come to grips with Lusamine’s disappearance, Ash is worred that the newly evolved Nebby is completely dormant. That night, after Gladion tells her of his plans, Lillie both comes to a momentous decision and undergoes a transformation. The next day when Lillie doesn’t show up for school, Hobbes tells Ash that Lillie has run away from home with Gladion. Ash, Professor Kukui and the gang go to Melemele Island Kahuna Hala for help. Hala guesses that Gladion and Lillie may have gone to Poni Island, and everyone goes in pursuit. On Poni Island, Gladion and Lillie penetrate an ancient temple, avoiding death traps and battling hostile Pokémon, and barely manage to escape thanks to some unexpected arrivals and help. After the gang reach The Altar of the Sun, the temple from Ash’s dream, all four Island Guardian Pokémon appear.

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