Episode 7 – Faba’s Revenge



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 7

Faba’s Revenge


Everyone (with the exception of Litten) is delighted that Lillie can now touch Pokémon, but Faba now has a plan to kidnap Nebby. While the gang is distracted, he tricks Nebby with sugar stars and gets Nebby to teleport them both to his lab, but is spotted by Lana before they disappear. Lillie orders a jet to take her, Ash and Gladion to Aether Paradise, where they tell Lusamine what has happened. Faba uses Nebby to open a wormhole into Ultra Space, and the others arrive in time to free Nebby, who evolves into a Cosmoem, but too late to prevent Nihilego, the Ultra Beast that had attacked Lillie, from appearing in the lab. Silvally, Pikachu and Lusamine’s Clefable try to battle Nihilego, but are easily driven back. Nihilego tries to attack Lillie again, but Gladion and Lusamine throw themselves in front of her. When Nihilego goes for Gladion, Lusamine pushes him out of the way and is captured. As the others watch in helpless horror, Lusamine is taken away into Ultra Space.

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