Episode 6 – Mission: Total Recall!



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 6

Mission: Total Recall


Gladion is furious about what has happened to Lillie and blames Ash. Later that same night at his motel room, he confronts Faba, who wants Silvally returned to him. Faba unleashes a Hypno and a Alakazam, both of whom easily defeat Gladion’s Lycanroc and Umbreon. Before Gladion can unleash Silvally, Hypno hypnotizes Gladion and Faba takes Silvally’s Pokéball. The next day, with the help of Ash, the gang and Professors Kukui and Burnet, Lillie tries to overcome her regression but fails. After school, Lillie tells Ash about her experience at Gladion’s cave. In response to Lillie’s feelings, Nebby teleports her, Ash, Pikachu, Snowy and Rotom to places where Lillie has happy memories of when she and Gladion were children. They are finally transported to the lab level on Aether Paradise, where their arrival is spotted by both Faba and Team Rocket, while in Lusamine’s office Gladion confronts his mother about Sivally and Faba. After Team Rocket refuses to help him, Faba sends Hypno and Alakazam to attack Ash and Lillie, and Faba kidnaps Lillie. Before Hypno can hypnotize Lillie, Nebby teleports Ash and the other Pokémon to their location, and Gladion and Lusamine arrive during the battle. Gladion, who has recovered Silvally from Faba’s lab, unleashes him. Silvally’s helmet shatters and when it rescues Lillie from Alakazam, she remembers how Faba had released an Ultra Beast from a wormhole which had attacked her and how Silvally had saved her then. Silvally easily defeats Hypno and Alakazam and Faba sneaks away. Now, with her memories restored, Lillie is able to touch Silvally, as well as other Pokémon.

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