Episode 5 – Night of a Thousand Poses!



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 5

A Masked Warning


Lillie’s day does not begin well, as Lusamine has instructed Hobbes to videotape all of her interactions with Snowy and other Pokémon. Lillie complains to Lusamine, but things end badly when Lusamine takes another call in the middle of Lillie’s call. At Professor Kukui’s house, Professor Burnet is giving Nebby an examination when Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, Lillie, Sophocles and their Pokémon arrive for a sleep-over. Ash invites Professor Burnet to stay over as well, and she accepts. A game of Nebby Hide-and-Seek decides whether the boys or the girls get to sleep up in the loft where Ash usually sleeps, and a fast-paced game of Z-Move Pose, One-Two-Three literally goes up in flames when Kiawe gets over-excited and uses his Z-move. Professor Burnet offers to cook dinner, but her Munchlax ruins her efforts by devouring everyone’s food. While waiting for the second attempt at dinner, Ash, Kiawe and their Pokémon go outside to train and are joined by the others. Later while everyone else is asleep, Lillie goes outside. Professor Burnet follows, and Lillie tells her about her quarrel with Lusamine. The next morning, Lillie wishes that she could talk to her brother, and Nebby immediately teleports her to Gladion’s cave. Before Gladion can stop it, Gladion’s Type: Null Silvally appears before Lillie, causing her to flash back to the Ultra Beast attack on her, which involved Silvally. Nebby teleports her back to the others, but the experience has caused Lillie to regress and she can no longer bear to touch or be touched by Snowy.

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