Episode 43 – When Regions Collide!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 20 – Episode 43

When Regions Collide!


The previous day was all fun, but the next day brings more interesting things for Ash and the Alolan visitors as they and their Pokémon travel to Misty’s Gym in Cerulean City. After explaining about Gym Battles and Pokémon Leagues, Professor Kukui announces that the class will be engaging in Gym Battles against Brock and Misty. After two practice battles (Mallow, Steenee, Lana and Popplio vs. Misty and Psyduck and Lillie, Snowy, Sophocles and Togedemaru vs. Brock and Geodude), real Gym Battles will now be fought: Kiawe vs. Brock and Ash vs. Misty, but each battle is taken to a new level with Brock and Misty both revealing they have Key Stones and usIng Mega-Evolution. Kiawe’s Z-Move Inferno Overdrive proves useless against Brock’s Mega-Evolved Steelix and Turtonator is defeated, but Ash and Pikachu’s unorthodox strategy and his Z-move Gigavolt Havoc defeat Misty’s Mega-Evolved Gyarados.

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