Episode 41 – Mounting an Electrifying Charge!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 20 – Episode 41

Mounting an Electrifying Charge!


Sophocles enters a special race with a miniature car powered by his Charjabug against other Charjabug-cars. Ash and Kiawe are keen to help, with Ash acting as track partner and Kiawe as mechanic. The problem is that Charjabug can’t seem to generate enough power to make its car run very fast, but it gets stronger and faster with all three Trainers’ help. On the day of the race, they find that they have a rival team with a flashy Charjabug-car and a very arrogant attitude. Team Rocket has also entered the race, with James as track partner, Jessie as track spotter, and Wobbuffet/Mareanie supposedly as mechanic, and they have no intention of following the rules to win the prize, especially since their Charjabug-car is a fake run by Meowth inside it. The race has three stages: 1) a rocky terrain, 2) a desert terrain, and 3) an urban area, each with obstacles powered by a Pokémon. However, with Sophocles as track spotter, some unorthodox moves and teamwork and Team Rocket’s cheating exposed, Team Sophocles puts up a good fight. Ash is knocked unconscious in the urban area, but Sophocles takes over as track partner, and he and Charjabug bring in the victory.

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