Episode 4 – A Masked Warning



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 4

A Masked Warning


It’s bath time for Ash’s Pokémon, but an accident caused by Litten gets Lycanroc dirty again, making it very angry! While giving Lycanroc a second bath, Ash starts thinking about Gladion, causing Nebby to teleport him, Pikachu and Lycanroc to Gladion’s location. Nebby is terrified by Gladion’s frightening helmeted Type: Null Pokémon Silvally. Gladion gets very upset that Nebby may be an Ultra Beast and explains that he saw part of the incident that emotionally damaged Lillie: an attack by an Ultra Beast. When Gladion demands to know what makes Ash so special, Ash asks Gladion for a resumption of their unfinished battle, since he believes trainers get to know each other through battling. It’s Ash’s Lycanroc versus Gladion’s Silvally. Lycanroc is knocked into a pond and gets dirty again, which makes it angry and out of control. Ash tries to stop Lycanroc, but it’s Nebby’s crying that calms Lycanroc down. The battle resumes, and Silvally defeats Lycanroc.

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