Episode 39 – Mallow and the Forest Teacher!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 20 – Episode 39

Mallow and the Forest Teacher!


A television crew has come to Mallow’s family restaurant, outside of which Team Rocket has set up an unsuccessful competing food truck. However, when Mallow’s father overworks her and appears unappreciative of her efforts, she loses her temper and runs off with Steenee in pursuit. Naturally, Team Rocket sees an opportunity and chases after them. When Mallow knocks herself out in a fall, she is found and cared for by a Oranguru. While Mallow’s remorseful father and the gang search for Mallow, Team Rocket captures Steenee. Oranguru’s psychic powers free Steenee, and the two combined prove more than a match for Team Rocket. Bewear appears, but it and Oranguru refuse to fight each other. Team Rocket is once again carried off. When Mallow’s father and the gang arrive, Abe recognizes Oranguru as his cooking teacher, and he and Mallow reconcile.

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