Episode 38 – Mimikyu Unmasked!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 20 – Episode 38

Mimikyu Unmasked!


Ash and his friends have returned to Melemele Island, but Team Rocket is there to welcome them back by trying to steal Pikachu once again! When Ash’s Rockium Z-move Continental Crush fails, Kiawe’s Firium Z-move sends Team Rocket blasting off. However, Bewear fails to appear and Team Rocket crashes separately, with Jessie and Mimikyu landing in a shopping mall. Mimikyu’s disguise has been badly damaged, so Jessie first devises a temporary disguise from a paper bag and then tries to find something new. While James, Mewoth, and Wobbuffet search for their missing partner, Ash and Lycanroc try to master Continental Crush. Jessie eventually repairs Mimikyu’s Pikachu disguise, but it is stolen by a flock of Murkrow who were actually after Jessie’s donut. James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet catch up to Jessie just as she retrieves both disguise and donut. The angry Murkrow return in force, but Mimikyu resumes its Pikachu disguise and drives them off. Full of confidence in their closer bond, Jessie and Mimikyu challenge Ash again. However, Ash and Lycanroc have mastered Continental Crush and send Team Rocket blasting off again, but this time Bewear rescues them.

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