Episode 37 – Rising from the Ruins!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 20 – Episode 37

Rising from the Ruins!


The time has come for Ash, now armed with his new Grassium Z-crystal, to face Olivia in the Akala Island Grand Trial Challenge, and Rockruff wants to battle Lycanroc even before the Trial gets underway. This will be a Double Battle; Olivia brings out a Probopass to partner her Lycanroc, and Ash chooses Rowlet to partner Rockruff. The battle is intense, with both Olivia and Ash using Z-moves. With Ash’s new Grassium Z-move Bloom Doom, Rowlet defeats Probopass, but then the unthinkable happens: Rockruff wants to battle Lycanroc so fiercely on its own that it attacks Rowlet without thinking when Ash orders Rowlet to help Rockruff. Rockruff is horrified by what it’s done, but Ash forgives and encourages his Pokémon, and Rockruff goes on to defeat Lycanroc. Olivia presents Ash with a Rockium Z-crystal, telling him that Rockruff may evolve soon, and Tapu-Lele appears to honor Ash and Rockruff.

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