Episode 32 – Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 20 – Episode 32

Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!


As part of Olivia’s practical lesson on Akala Island, the gang are sent on treasure hunts across the island mounted on Stoutland, each of which reacts differently to its rider: Ash’s Stoutland is extremely friendly and enthusiastic, Lana’s Stoutland does not seem to like her, and Lillie has trouble even getting close to her Stoutland. In the first round, Ash finds three gemstones, Mallow finds giant mushrooms, Kiawe finds a large fossil, Lana and Sophocles find nothing and Lillie is still trying to approach her Stoutland. In the second round, Lana and Popplio run into a hostile Pokémon which is fought off by her Stoutland, an Alolan Geodude Ash mistakes for a fossil gets away when he tries to catch it, Mallow finds a giant fruit, Kiawe finds another fossil, Sophocles uses technology to find a piece of meteorite, and Lana finds a lump of metal that can be made into a Z-ring, making her the winner. At last, Lillie uses her experiences with Snowy and Pikachu to finally get close to her Stoutland.

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