Episode 30 – The Ol’ Raise and Switch!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 20 – Episode 30

The Ol’ Raise and Switch!


As part of a class assignment, each of the students must take care of each other’s Pokémon partner for the weekend. Pikachu gets to stay with Lillie at her mansion and Lillie is determined to try and overcome her fear of getting close to Pokémon, so she uses Ash’s methods to gain Pikachu’s trust. At Lana’s home, Turtonator is having trouble with her twin sisters, while Mallow also has problems with Togedemaru while she works at her family restaurant. Sophocles’s experiments with Steenee don’t work out well, but he finds that Steenee can be a great night-time comfort. At his family’s dairy farm, Kiawe assigns Popplio to work with his younger sister Mimo, but finds the water Pokémon to be a great problem-solver with the farm’s Tauros. Snowy keeps giving Ash the cold shoulder but finally warms up to him when Ash includes Snowy in his Pokémon’s training sessions.

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