Episode 3 – Deceiving Appearances



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 3

Deceiving Appearances


Ash and the gang visit Aether Paradise, where they are greeted by Wicke and Faba; however, while Faba is eager to see Nebby, he treats Rowlet very badly. Also on Aether Paradise are Team Rocket, disguised as Aether employees (hired by Faba). Ash and friends are given a tour which includes Lusamine’s mansion, where Lusamine is constantly too distracted by phone calls and business to even try to be a proper hostess and Team Rocket is forced to serve snacks. At Professor Burnet’s research area, they meet a group of Ditto, one of which does not like Professor Burnet’s medical treatment and runs off, assuming the forms of other Pokémon in the facility (including Rotom!). Naturally, Ash and friends give chase and Ditto is finally nabbed when it disguises itself as Snowy but is spotted by Lillie as a fake. Faba is worried that Lillie may remember why she can’t touch Pokémon, and Team Rocket stumbles across information about Aether’s research in Faba’s lab.

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