Episode 15 – Fighting Back the Tears!



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 15

Fighting Back the Tears!


Team Rocket are returning from Jessie’s major shopping spree when they spot a cute Frillish which James decides to catch, but his jealous Mareanie drives it away and bursts into tears when James scolds her. Just then, a male Mareanie appears, but Mareanie is not pleased to see it. It seems that even Pokémon can have mysterious pasts, and Mareanie is no exception because this Toxapex was Mareanie’s first love after it saved her from a Tentacruel. Toxapex wants Mareanie back and attacks James, seriously poisoning him. Thinking she’s causing James trouble, Mareanie runs away. Later, while alone on the beach, Mareanie is attacked by another Tentacruel; however, James, who had been searching for her, arrives in time to save her. Toxapex reappears and James chooses to let Mareanie go to be with Toxapex, but Toxapex challenges James to a battle for Mareanie. James is poisoned again, but fights off the poison. The battle ends in a draw, with each winning the other’s respect, and Toxapex is about to leave when Tentacruel attacks again, but James drives it off again, winning Toxapex’s friendship but making Mareanie jealous!

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