Episode 14 – The Dex Can’t Help It



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 14

The Dex Can’t Help It


While Ash and Professors Kukui and Burnet are out, Rotom-Dex is left in charge at home to watch over the other Pokémon, who were napping. A new Rotom-powered washing machine is delivered, the noise causing the others to wake up and start getting rambunctious and ending with Pikachu accidentally using thunderbolt on everybody, zapping the two Rotom out of their respective forms and making them switch each other’s forms! After the humans return, the deliveryman returns to take back the washing machine (now containing the Rotom-Dex’s Rotom) and deliver it to the Pokémon Center, while the washing-machine’s Rotom is activated inside the Pokédex. During a malfunction, Rotom manages to escape from the washing machine into the island’s electrical system and tries to find its way back to Ash and its Pokédex form, while its multiple Form Changes (in each of which it can’t vocally communicate) cause havoc at the homes of Ash’s friends.

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