Episode 10 – Rescuing the Unwilling



Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon

Season 21 – Episode 10

Rescuing the Unwilling


Thanks to Solgaleo, Ash and the others have passed through the wormhole into Ultra Space, while back at the Altar of the Sun Professors Kukui and Burnet try to monitor the wormhole. The gang attempt to rescue Lusamine, but find that she is merging with the Uturoid that kidnapped her and does not want to be rescued. They chase after her as she throws up barriers to block their way, but Solgaleo is able to smash through them. As she flees, Lusamine sends out her own Pokémon to stop them. The gang and their Pokémon battle the possessed Pokémon until only Ash, Pikachu and Solgaleo are left to pursue Lusamine.

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