Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon


Announcing Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Alongside our existing Pokémon the Series: XYZ episode, we will have two episodes of the new Pokémon Sun and Moon anime featured right here on RKUK Media below!

The two episodes will act as a preview, a taster, of what will be the new Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, starting in early 2017, similar to the first three episodes of the original X & Y anime. Available on CITV (Episode 1 & Episode 2), or from here below;

Episode 1

Ash and Pikachu arrive in the Alola region with his mom to discover new Pokemon and new Alolan forms. Ash enrolls in Pokémon school to learn about them. The night before Ash’s mother returns to Kanto, Tapu Koko appears and gives Ash a Z-Ring.

Episode 2

Having arrived at his new Pokémon school, Professor Kukui, who is the teacher, and its students host a surprise welcome party for Ash. Soon after, the guardian Pokémon, Tapu Koko, pays another visit to Ash to battle Pikachu. Tapu Koko teaches Ash how to use the Z-Ring. Ash and Pikachu manage to unleash the Z-Move, Gigavolt Havoc, but the Z crystal is soon shattered after Pikachu’s immense release of power. In order to regain the power of Z-moves, Ash decides to go through the island trials

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Poster

Switching to a new style

Can you believe that the Pokémon XYZ Series rated terribly in Japan? Well, that’s likely led to the massive overhaul the series will be seeing with Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. The visuals, the art, are much more relaxed and more smoothened out, which naturally has been a very divisive change, one which Anime Production Company ShoPro are hoping will grow on fans.

Just like with the games, the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime, will be a lot different to the previous six generations of the Pokémon Series, if anything due to the format set in the Alola region, though what we can tell you about the first two episodes to old-school fans, it’s not that bad, though definitely will take a lot of getting used to.

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Episodes are available in our SD Quality for Streaming.

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All episodes of Pokémon The Series: XYZ support a “U” rating classification.

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