Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon is here, and after a slight initial delay, is now ready for prime time and it’s English dub, which just like with XY&Z will be available right here!


Episode 1 – Alola to New Adventure

Episode 2 – The Guardians Challenge

Episode 3 – Loading the Dex

Episode 4 – First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!

Episode 5 – Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!

Episode 6 – A Shocking Grocery Run

Episode 7 – That’s Why the Litten Is a Scamp

Episode 8 – Lillie’s Egg-xhilarating Challenge!

Episode 9 – To Top a Totem!

Episode 10 – Trial and Tribulation!

Episode 11 – Young Kiawe Had a Farm!

Episode 12 – The Sun, The Scare, The Secret Liar!

Episode 13 – Racing to a Big Event!

Episode 14 – Getting to Know You!

Episode 15 – Rocking Clawmark Hill!

Episode 16 – They Might Not Be Giants!

Episode 17 – Crystal-clear Sleuthing!

Episode 18 – A Seasoned Search!

Episode 19 – A Guardian Rematch!

Episode 20 – Partner Promises!

Episode 21 – One Journey Ends, Another Begins!

Episode 22 – A Shivering Shovel Search!

Episode 23 – Getting the Band Back Together!

Episode 24 – Alolan Open House!

Episode 25 – A Team-on-Team Tussle!

Episode 26 – So Long, Sophocles!

Episode 27 – A Glaring Rivalry!

Episode 28 – Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!

Episode 29 – Lulled to La-La Land!

Episode 30 – The Ol’ Raise and Switch!

Episode 31 – The Island Whisperer!

Episode 32 – Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!

Episode 33 – Big Sky, Small Fry!

Episode 34 – A Crowning Moment of Truth!

Episode 35 – Currying Favour and Flavour!

Episode 36 – Trials and Determinations!

Episode 37 – Rising from the Ruins!

Episode 38 – Mimikyu Unmasked!

Episode 39 – Mallow and the Forest Teacher!

Episode 40 – Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence!!

Episode 41 – Mounting an Electrifying Charge!

Episode 42 – Alola, Kanto!

Episode 43 – When Regions Collide!


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon is expected to return in February 2018.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Poster

Switching to a new style

Can you believe that the Pokémon XYZ Series rated terribly in Japan? Well, that’s likely led to the massive overhaul the series will be seeing with Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. The visuals, the art, are much more relaxed and more smoothened out, which naturally has been a very divisive change, one which Anime Production Company ShoPro are hoping will grow on fans.

Just like with the games, the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime, will be a lot different to the previous six generations of the Pokémon Series, if anything due to the format set in the Alola region, though what we can tell you about the first two episodes to old-school fans, it’s not that bad, though definitely will take a lot of getting used to.

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Episodes are typically available in our SD Quality for Streaming, though recent episodes are now in HD.

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All episodes of Pokémon The Series: Sun and Moon support a “U” rating classification.

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