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KinkyStars are coming!

KinkyStars is the name given to an all new music project, which will soon be coming to the RKUK Media website.

Members and Roles

KinkyStars members consist of Claire Wortley and Ben Hanson, who both collaborate on both lyric writing and musical creations, and Alex who provides an intriguing singing style

Musical Style and Inspirations

KinkyStars were founded by a brief encounter by the one and only Gary Raper (Roper) who, along with his incredible IP for Peace campaign, gave us the inspiration to get to the pen and paper and write some damn right insane music.

KinkyStars are inspired not only by the musical talent of, but also a future collaborator, this being the one and only Take That himself, Gary Barlow. (hehehe). Gary Barlow* was so happy to be involved on the upcoming album ‘Compromise’, which is set to be released in aid of the sex change of Gary’s wife, who unfortunately for legal reasons can’t be named although we are told she’s very pretty. In a statement Gary Barlow said;


Its me, Gary Barlow …. are you talking about my wife again?

Another inspiration for KinkyStars, it would be rude not to mention, is one of the lead vocalists, Alex, who had this to say about KinkyStars and the collaborations he’s been making with the band

Most people recognise me by my voice

So, as you can see, all our collaborators and members are really excited about making the new upcoming KinkyStars album ‘Compromise’, in which donations are going to be available in aid of the sex change of Gary Barlows ‘allegedly’ pretty wife.

Albums and Singles


  • “Kinky” (January 2012)
  • “Dream Girl Matthew [ft vocals by Ben]” (April 2012)
  • “Compromise [ft vocals by Claire]” (tba)


  • “Compromise” (tba)

KinkyStars downloads coming soon.

NOTES: Gary Barlow’s involvement in KinkyStars is fictional, he also doesn’t have a wife with a sex change issue, as much as she wishes he did. 

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