Download Debenhams completely free (suppose it would be rude to charge for it) from RKUK Media right here

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Debenhams is available as a free download on this exact page as well as all other tracks as additional B-Sides.

All music including guitar, bass (all but track 2), piano, drums, synth and fx were created by Ben Hanson, vocals provided by Ben Hanson (track 1) and Simon Caddy (tracks 1 and 3), additional bass provided by Robert Crossley (track 2 and 3), which we could probably live without but hey.


1. Debenhams

2. Rob’s Piano

3. Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore

4. Harmonica Song

5. Chill Anthem

6. Debenhams (Instrumental)

7. African Flute of Debenhams

©℗ RKUK Media Music Group (RMG-UK) 2011

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