RKUK Media contains content created by many creators and respective companies, this legal page has been created to highlight the license and rights that RKUK Media have and you the visitor have on the content throughout the RKUK Media website.

Technology and past blogs

Blogs on RKUK Media are created purely by RKUK Media themselves and respective employers. All content unless specified is created and owned by RKUK Media and protected by copyright law. RKUK Media do however give you the right to share blogs on other website whether by WordPress’ Pingback feature, or generally quoting, although if you do the second you must reference RKUK Media somewhere in your posts, otherwise you maybe subject to copyright law and may face a criminal fine.

Likewise, RKUK Media has the right to display content, in relation to Sourcing and paraphrasing/sub-quoting, based on alternate websites to deliver the content intended on the website. This may include product images, placements, to Videos, though all content will be credited accordingly.

RKUK Media Video Content

Content from RKUK Media is content created by RKUK Media, usually distributed via our YouTube channel, as well as our other channels of media content. So far RKUK Media have created dozens of videos for you’re viewing pleasure and many received rave reviews.

Such content is protected by media and video copyright protection law, as well as protection against those featuring in the videos.

All RKUK Media videos however are available and distributed for free and you are free to download the video and watch them as many times as you wish. RKUK Media are however considering doing more high end productions in the future that may have a charge and more copyright obligations.

Marriland’s Video Walkthroughs

Marrilands video walkthroughs are added by the public availability of Marrilands videos through the BlipTV service. Devin at owns the videos and has the right to remove the section from RKUK Media whenever he feels. RKUK Media do not make any profit from adding these videos on to RKUK Media and offer them to purely promote Marrilands great content. Marriland’s Pokemon specific website is available here!

Nappy’s Video Walkthroughs

Nappy, or TheKingNappy as he’s been abbreviated, is more than well known for his unique take on everything from the world of Pokemon to more most recently, and we’re very proud to host some of his content here on RKUK Media. Similar to the distribution level we have for Marriland’s content, it’s purely profit-less and for appreciation and to gain user engagement we feel the content deserves. Whilst Nappy may not have his own website, he does have the basis of which he hosts things available right here!


RKUK Media has music on the website from featured artists on the RMG-UK label. Artists such as Ghosts, Protocol and Damn Crows are owned by RKUK Media and RKUK Media has full right to display their content on the RKUK Media website. The 4 featured Ghosts songs are hosted by Bandcamp by Simon Pettigrew of Ghosts and are available to buy using the player widget. All music on RKUK Media is protected by strict music copyright.

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