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Well, that’s a rap, our coverage of IFA 2014 in Berlin has come to a close. So, what did get announced at IFA 2014, well, you’re right where you need to be to get the low down on everything announced, sorted by what we think are the most exciting announcements.


Samsung did, what Samsung does best at this years IFA 2014 in Berlin, release a collection of incredible hardware, showcasing the latest Samsung has to offer. Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, as well as a Smart Watch that “could” replace your Smartphone, as well as some Virtual Reality action.

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Aside from a rather decent budget handset, Sony was all about Z3 with their IFA 2014 announcements, including the flagship itself, our favourite device from IFA, the Z3 Compact, as well an 8 inch tablet, Sony’s first Android Wear device and a Fitness Tracker. Sony also announced a rather neat Playstation accessory for their latest Z3 devices, which we absolutely love!

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Microsoft announced a dynamic due at their #MoreLumia event, something they branded as “affordable flagships”, the Lumia 830, a lower price point variant of the incredible Lumia 930, as well as the Lumia 730/735, a device with similar under the hood but packing the best for Selfie and Video Call Action. Microsoft also previewed the next Lumia Software, Lumia Denim.

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Motorola Mobility

Whilst Motorola didn’t do their main event at IFA 2014, they did sneak a few in to IFA 2014 to show everyone, as well as the fact it was during the on-going IFA 2014 in Berlin, so we’re going to count it to prevent these announcements getting hidden, as they’re actually pretty awesome.

Motorola, at their event in New York, took the wraps off exactly everything we’d expected, they announced second generations of their Moto G (technically third gen, but we won’t get in to that) and the incredible Moto X, as well as an enticing option for US consumers to help them get one easier! Motorola also finally announced availability of their Android Wear Smart Watch, the Moto 360.

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Whilst their was no Smartphones from ASUS, ASUS certainly packed a lot of devices in to their announcements, some of the most interesting was an incredible new Zenbook, as well as an ultra affordable notebook and tablet running Windows 8.1, as well as finally taking the wraps of the ZenWatch Android Wear device.

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Just one announcement from HTC, which whilst that is rather disappointing, they have already announced their yearly flagships for Android and Windows Phone, so it kind of makes sense. What we did get however, was the Desire 820, an actually very decent mid-range Android device, powered by the latest from Qualcomm, a 64-bit processor. The device is also very customisable using what HTC are calling, Accents, which you can customise to fit the device you want.

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LG’s main announcement at IFA 2014 is more of a take-two, rather than a general announcement, as LG took the wraps off their second Android Wear Smart Watch, following the abysmal G Watch, the G Watch R. Thankfully this watch actually looks promising, and like a watch, but of course you’ll have to check out our coverage for our full take on it.

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Toshiba joined the Windows 8.1 with Bing game at IFA 2014, by announcing an actually rather interesting tablet device, the Encore Mini. The main headline about the Encore Mini will be its price tag, which time will tell whether entices or puts people off the device.

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Alcatel, a company known for their low end devices, have stuck to their main strategy, but have brought that for the first time to Windows Phone with the Pop 2. Whilst the Pop 2 has quite a lot going for it, as well as an incredible value proposition, one of the biggest features, at least headline, is the fact it’s a 64-bit Windows Phone, one of the first devices announced to do so!

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Aside from some updates to their line of notebooks and desktops, which were mainly incremental, Dell did announce something rather intriguing to say the least, the worlds first 5K monitor! The monitor supporting a resolution of 5120 x 2880 will be available later this year, and certainly packs a punch.

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BLU announced two Windows Phones at this years IFA 2014, the Win-JR and Win-HD, all supporting vibrant colours and a very compelling price points. The main differences between the two are the displays as the name suggests, the Win-HD has a larger HD display, whereas the JR does not.

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NGM/Harley Davidson

As far as ‘what the hell’ announcements are concerned, the award definitely goes to Italian company NGM, who announced a Harley Davidson Windows Phone device … no really that is what they announced. The device will support Harley Davidson branding all around itself and packaging, and will run a mostly same Windows Phone 8.1 experience.

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