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Samsung Pay coming to iPhone?! … kind of

Samsung is planning to launch its mobile payments service Samsung Pay as a downloadable iOS app, according to a new report from South Korea’s ETNews. Called ‘Samsung Pay Mini’, the app will allow iPhone….Read more


Google I/O 2016: Allo, Duo, Android N and more!

If the past few years of Google I/O were anything to go by, this year was never going to be a wow year, which turned out to once again be the case….Read more


Motorola unveil the Moto G4 and G4 Plus

Motorola today, at a surprise Event in India, announced the successor to the Moto G (3rd generation), the Moto G…4…kinda. The device will be branded still as the Moto G, just there’s now a number to indicate it’s generation on the box, so we’re gonna brand them Moto G4….Read more


HTC announce the all-new HTC 10

HTC have finally announced their flagship for 2016, the HTC 10. As HTC remove the M from the name of it’s devices, as well as One for that matter, we’re hoping this is the sight of a company moving on from it’s most recent moments and can return to form brought with devices such as the original….Read more


Blackberry 10 is dead, company to focus entirely on Android

It seems crazy to believe, especially for those kids of today, but Blackberry was actually the biggest sole player in the world of Smartphones prior to the big Smartphone mix up over the last 10 years, thanks mainly to devices such as the iPhone, but today it couldn’t be a more different ….Read more


Music Reviews


David Bowie – Blackstar Album Review

No one quite defines the definitions of unique, inspiring, more in the world of music than David Bowie. Whilst this will be unfortunately the last recorded material we will hear from him, what has been left behind is a fantastic, yet small, album with some incredible songs. Whilst like any album, Blackstar does….Read more



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