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Apple iPhone XS First Impressions

It may have one of the worst names in history, but, it turns out, Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone XS, is actually quite the Smartphone. However, how does it stack up in this ever competitive world? If you’ve seen, or owned, last years iPhone X, you won’t find anything too surprising about the design of the new iPhone XS line of Smartphones, unless you go for the Max model (which we’re not using), in which case it’ll obviously be bigger….READ MORE

Samsung Note 9 + Battery … yep, you guessed it!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone is quite the Smartphone, got the latest  innovations from Samsung, be it in a Smartphone that’s more or less the same as the S9 before it, but overall, a positive addition to Samsung’s lineup.  Of course the name “Note” has quite a few alarm bells in terms of recent history with Samsung, but we’re past that, right? The Note 8 was fine, everything’s good, we would NEVER return to the Note 7 debacle right … right!….READ MORE

Apple announce 3 badly named iPhone models, the XS and XR, and Apple Watch Series 4!

As always for an Apple Event, we were never going to be too surprised at what was announced at the Steve Jobs Theatre, and this event was definitely not exception, but they did it anyway, so let’s look at what did get announced….READ MORE

Nokia enters the “notch” market with new Nokia 5.1 Plus and Nokia 6.1 Plus mid-range devices!

Ever since the Nokia brand returned to the masses, thanks in part to HMD Global, a collection of actually very impressive devices have been released since. Whilst today may have been expected to be the big Nokia 9 announcement, Nokia’s next expected flagship, instead we got theses, two new mid-range devices, iterative upgrades to the existing 5 and 6 models, the Nokia 5.1 Plus and 6.1 Plus. For better or worse….READ MORE

Google could allow the installation of Windows on to Chromebooks with new ‘Campfire’ feature!

If there’s one thing that you can never predict, it’s the relationship between Google and Microsoft. Both companies just don’t know what the other one thinks, though, granted, this is a lot more from Google, than Microsoft. Whilst Microsoft still has a stronghold in the desktop market with Windows, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Google’s, early dismissed, Chrome OS line is making a very big impact. Microsoft have made numerous attempts to distract from the Chromebook line….READ MORE

Motorola’s iPhone X copy, the P30, is now official!

We reported earlier in the week, of a leaked Motorola device with a striking resemblance to a certain other smartphone, and, whilst many didn’t even believe it as even true, never mind those just shaking their heads at it, let us be the one to inform you, it is indeed both official and it’s real, as you can see on Motorola’s website here! Many will be happy to know this is looking like a Chinese exclusive device, but, who knows, maybe it will cross to English regions, wouldn’t that be something….READ MORE

Microsoft announce Surface Go, a low cost Surface option with a small 10 inch display!

Microsoft have announced yet another addition to the Surface family with the new Microsoft Surface Go. Unlike most Surface devices, it seems to bridged the gap upon the land of being affordable, and has a much smaller footprint than prior models, as well as pretty attractive starting price of £379, which begs the obvious question, what gives?! Well, this is a Surface device, and if you’ve any experience of using….READ MORE

Samsung teases their upcoming Galaxy Home smart speaker

Was only a matter of time, and, today, it happened, this is Samsung’s Smart Speaker, the Galaxy Home. Powered by Bixby, which probably will put most off instantly, the Galaxy Home seems to have been designed by a few fired employees at IKEA, but we digress. We’re trying not to mock, but look at this thing. Many mocked the HomePod for looking like a stale trash can, but this just looks like an obscure chair….READ MORE

Samsung drops the Gear brand and announces Galaxy Watch

The name may have changed, but it’s clear the direction hasn’t, the Galaxy Watch continues to follow the Gear S line-up roadmap with the same “real” watch look, as well as maintaining the same rotational navigation around the sides to operate the Tizen OS, it’s very clear this would be the expected Gear S5. The Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes, but in tradition, the full features are found on the bigger variation. As always with Android watches, the smallest is actually bigger….READ MORE

Samsung announce Galaxy Note 9 – More of the same, or a welcome update, we’ll let you decide!

In the Smartphone market these days it’s always tough to stand out, and that’s clearly hitting every brand, this year that seems to include Samsung. With the launch of their new Note 9 Smartphone, we’re left with more than mixed feelings. Its not that the device is bad, it’s most definitely not, but it fails to stand out quite as much as the Note brand used to serve….READ MORE


Music Reviews


Gorillaz – Humanz (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

It barely feels like the 7 years it’s been since Gorillaz released their previous album Plastic Beach, or 6 if you include The Fall, but they’re back with what’s been aimed as a disco club album according to Damon Albarn, that we will see. If lead single Saturnz Barz didn’t tempt your curiosity enough, we’re not sure what will, as with all Gorillaz albums you can expect a vast majority of genres breaking the boundaries as usual….READ MORE


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