2017 Archive


2017 Archive

Our final Top 5 of the year is here, this is Q4 2017, our Christmas Picks
A device surrounding controversy, yet we’ve had no problems and have little bad to say, what gives?! Find out all in our Google Pixel 2 XL, this ones a good one!
HTC have finally given us the flagship we were expecting from the company. Whilst the U11 wasn’t terrible, this U11+ maybe more of what you were looking for?!
A company more recognised in PC Gaming have just made their first Smartphone, the Razer Phone! Does the device live up to the companies expectations, find out here!
Nokia, alongside their hardware partner HMD Global, have announced a more lower end device to attract the lower cost market. The unit offers the usual hardware expected from Nokia, at a lower price, though the company claims the device will still get the same updates as time goes by.
Microsoft have announced a duo of new models of the Surface Book, now much more powerful and with Nvidia GPUs, these are the Surface Book 2 Models.
Google announced a collection of hardware at their Pixel 2 Event, not just the Smartphones, but a collection of accessories and more. Check out all the announcements here!
Our Top 5 Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now has entered Q3 of 2017. Find out what the 5 best Smartphones You Can Buy truly are!
Google has made a considerable 1.1BN USD investment in HTC’s hardware division. But why, find out here!
Sometimes you can only take so much, before you end up venting out of control. Find out why right here!
Apple announced a collection of devices at this years Apple Event, including new Apple Watch, Apple TV and more, but the main attention was on not one, or two, but three new iPhone models announced! Full coverage right here!
It’s here, the LG V30, At IFA 2017, LG has finally took the wraps off what is easily their best Smartphone so far. Why? Click here to see what this thing has in store.
At IFA 2017, Sony has announced refreshed Flagships for 2017, in the 835 capable XZ1 and XZ1 Compact.
Samsung have announced at IFA 2017, a collection of new Gear Devices and Wearables including an all new Gear Sport Watch, Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band and Gear IconX
Have Google admitted they were wrong on their take on AR on Android. ARCore is Google’s take on Apple’s ARKit, find out more here!
Samsung announce the all-new Galaxy Note 8. Whilst the device may not offer much in terms of surprise, it’s a safe upgrade for those prying a Note device following last years drama!
With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Quad-HD Display and ZEISS Optics powering the 3 Camera this thing has, the Nokia 8 is definitely an example of a Company pushing out all the stops at making a Flagship phone feel like what they’re known for, and that’s awesome.
JULY 2017
Lenovo, who now own Motorola, announced the successor to the Moto Z in the Moto Z2 line of Smartphones, of which you’ll find the Z2 Play mid-ranger and the flagship behemoth the Z2 Force!
JUNE 2017
Our second Top 5 Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now of 2017 is here. Check out which devices could be the best for you.
Apple had such a massive WWDC 2017 Conference, that for the first time we’d to separate the Conference in two. But, you can view both our Hardware and Software posts right here! There’s a lot
MAY 2017
Microsoft have finally unveiled the all new Surface Pro. It’s faster, smoother and so much more. Find out everything about the device right here, including availability of the Surface Studio.
Google IO 2017 is Google’s annual developers conference. Google spoke around the new updates coming to multiple Google services and Android itself.
HTC have finally announced their true 2017 Flagship, the all-new U11. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be, find out here!
At Build 2017, Microsoft took the wraps off some of the new incredible features coming in the next major update to Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update. Find out about it right here!
At their MicrosoftEDU Event, Microsoft showed off Windows 10 S, alongside the new Surface Laptop.
APRIL 2017
After almost seemingly comically ignored, Apple are finally updating the Mac Pro with a new Modular model promised after this year, and new Pro focused iMac this year!
MARCH 2017
Samsung announced one of the most highly anticipated Smartphones of 2017 in the Galaxy S8. But, did they impress, find out everything you need to know right here!
Apple made a collection of product announcements and changes to their Watch and iPad line as well as the iPhone line including the first ever (PRODUCT) RED iPhone!
Our first Top 5 Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now of 2017 is here. Check out which devices could be the best for you.
At Mobile World Congress this year we saw a collection of great new Smartphones from LG to Sony, to more. Check out all the great announcements right here!
Google finally officially announce the availability of Android Wear 2.0, alongside two LG Smart Watches. Find out more about the release right here!
Google finally officially announce the availability of Android Wear 2.0, alongside two LG Smart Watches. Find out more about the release right here!
As US Carrier, the first of which shipped the first iPhone, shuts down the very Network is needs to use Cellular connectivity, we take a trip back.
HTC have announced two devices in a new family of Smartphones called U, the U Play and U Ultra. Find out more about them here!
One company we were not expecting an announcement from in 2017 was Nokia. But, it’s finally here, the companies first (with more to come) Android phone!
Samsung has announced their first All in One PC, problem lies with the looks and the name. Find out more, if  you really want to here!
CES 2017 was a much better affair than last years, with big announcements from Qualcomm, to Dell, to many more. Highlights covered here!





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