Dr Conrad


“Hello Assassin … Hello Dr Conrad”

Enjoy the adventures of the unlikely duo in the RKUK Ent. Original, Dr Conrad

Dr Conrad and his seemingly trust-worthy sidekick, the Assassin, Roger Getsy, endure many strenuous tasks throughout their days, and in the series Dr Conrad, we followed them through 10 of those arduous tasks.

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Episode X

Episode 9 – Evil Bike Horn

Episode 8 – Meat Cleaver

Episode 7 – Firey Plane

Episode 6 – Paper of Destiny

Episode 5 – Exploding Stone of Doom

Episode 4 – Cut By a Knife

Episode 3 – Orange

Episode 2 – Stone of Fire

Episode 1 – The Big Mistake


Dr Conrad Inspiration – Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

Dr Conrad Series 2 Trailer (Never Came to Be)

Video Update July 2008 – Dr Conrad

Dr Conrad Outtake

Dr Conrad – The Episode That Never Was

Dr Conrad Episode X – Without Effects

Dr Conrad Episode X – The Making Of…



This was the original Dr Conrad logo used in the 2007 – 2009 series.


Dr Conrad – Ben Hanson

Assassin (Roger Gesky) – Robert Crossley

Extra for EpX – Ben Hunter


Dr Conrad Movie Script – Draft from 2007

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