The Tech Show is launched!

Its here, as announced on the RKUK Conference 2008, The Tech Show has replaced the Apple Section in the menu, here are just a few of what is now and what is yet to come. BENS REVIEWS; Its all about the Es with Ben’s Reviews, simply a tech review section of RKUK Online, a WindowsContinue reading “The Tech Show is launched!”

Who are Protocol? – Download Full Back Catalogue

[[[UPDATE]]] To get all Protocols back catalogue now; All Protocol songs are available to download from RKUK Media, click the Play button at the left side of what you want. You can both play and download all songs! Rules of Engagement The unreleased album by Protocol B-Sides Protocol b-sides from the two released singles. AcousticContinue reading “Who are Protocol? – Download Full Back Catalogue”

Browser Customisation

When we released RKUK Web Browser 1.1, we suddenly got major hopes for the 1.2 release expected in May! The browser will have direct Google search built in as well as both 16:9 and 4:3 compatibility thanks to “Window Open” more info when its out. — But the thing were most exited about is thatContinue reading “Browser Customisation”

RKUK Browser 1.0 Beta Version

Its out and ready folks, if you’ve got Windows, you can have it! Download yours by going to this direct link; Or info is at; Go for it! WHY THIS BROWSER; 1. Plug and Play : Install and your off, no plugins required!!! 2. 0.5X faster then IE7 3. No installation required KNOWNContinue reading “RKUK Browser 1.0 Beta Version”

What are Selection DVD Previews

Selection DVDs are a selection of music videos, once on DVDs, now available to watch for free on RKUK Media. Selection DVDs, like with music, is an never-ending ongoing business which means once we receive atleast 30 new videoswe will create a whole new Selection DVD out of them, during the time we get to the 30 videos which weContinue reading “What are Selection DVD Previews”

RKUK Launch R-Network Site!

RKUK Online announces R-Network, the all-in-one social network site from RKUK. Like most social networks users will be able to join, upload videos, add photos, music, profiles, forum posts and so much more. The service will be provided by NING who have a great track record in these services. We at RKUK are also going to be adding our videos asContinue reading “RKUK Launch R-Network Site!”

Higher Quality Selection DVDs

You may see this around RKUK Media, this means that whatever its covering has been quality assured! eg. “Selection 70★ …” As you can see there is a star, this means that “Selection 70” will be in high quality! This service will vanish once all Selection DVDs have been uploaded and then re-patched! “Re-patched Selection DVDs” You may orContinue reading “Higher Quality Selection DVDs”

Selection DVD Agreement

RKUK offer music video for free on RKUK Media taken from the RKUK Selection DVDs® system. All music videos are licensed to be played on RKUK Media by the respective owners, i.e the record contract dealer, the artist themselves, or prior record agreement. RKUK must stress this service has no illegal value and that RKUKContinue reading “Selection DVD Agreement”