New Navigation Features Coming Soon!

RKUK Media has announced some all new navigation features that will be added to RKUK Media in the next couple of months to improve the usability of the RKUK Media website. RKUK Media will be integrating in to all pages on RKUK Media a bottom section showing the path from the home page to that certainContinue reading “New Navigation Features Coming Soon!”

Ning introduces All-New Future Plans, but free users will pay for it, literally!

NING, since starting out in 2004, is the best way for anyone to get a full featured website that literally does anything, now with integration with Flickr, FaceBook and Twitter as well as FaceBook-like social network features plus the abilities to add all sources of media content by uploading or embed as well as blogsContinue reading “Ning introduces All-New Future Plans, but free users will pay for it, literally!”

RKUK Media announce Summer Production

Its that time of year again when RKUK prepares itself for the RKUK Awards, this of course being the RKUK Awards 2010, given the year, but whilst there we had a word with some of the RKUK Team and got some information that may interest you. RKUK Media have announced that they are currently planningContinue reading “RKUK Media announce Summer Production”

New Update Launched (Press Statement)

03/09/2009 – RKUK announce News Update on RKUK provided by Google! RKUK RKUK dwell on improving RKUK Media to make it the ultimate source, not just for RKUK related topics and stuff such as videos etc, we’ve already overcome this with music and are very proud to announce that yesterday we topped having over 700 music videosContinue reading “New Update Launched (Press Statement)”

RKUK Online mashes with R-Network to create RKUK Media

RKUK has decided to remove the RKUK Online website and create an even better RKUK by mashing with the newly created service R-Network. R-Network is a social network created by RKUK which overtime has been getting rather good reception since launch. The service has a sleek black and green interface with a glowing logo at the top.Continue reading “RKUK Online mashes with R-Network to create RKUK Media”

RKUK Selection DVDs Go Global

RKUK Media announced today that they are taking RKUK Selection DVDs to global mass, RKUK Media have finally finished sorted out deals with other countries and now RKUK Selection DVDsas well as RKUK Media is available worldwide. Google Privacy Settings Due to Google loss in certain countries, say no more. RKUK Media will not be accessible via Google for obviousContinue reading “RKUK Selection DVDs Go Global”

R-Browser – Summary

RKUK started the R-Browser back in April with the 1.0 beta created through the RLP (RKUK Lumnous Project) although since then the browsers have been designed and created entirely by RKUK. Version 1.1 was released, then 1.2, then we skipped to 2.0! The browsers have all shared the sense of ease-of-use, speed and reliability andContinue reading “R-Browser – Summary”