ESET Nod32 vs McAfee vs Norton – Trojan/Virus etc test

No this is not at all geeky, its a test that now and then needs to be done, plus these are the three most popular virus protection services used, prior to AVG, which to be honest if you’ve got that, good luck, seriously! I know what your thinking, what if you do get infected, well,Continue reading “ESET Nod32 vs McAfee vs Norton – Trojan/Virus etc test”

Apple Black MacBook vs Sony VAIO laptop (also black)

Its not just with Sony, but with all OEMs that run Windows on are all attacking and comparing with Apples range of computers that run their own OS, named OSX! After the release of Vista, Apple sales went of the roof due to bad vista publicity and reliability, and to be honest its no wonder,Continue reading “Apple Black MacBook vs Sony VAIO laptop (also black)”

Want a free audio and video converter?

NCH Coporations in the US created multiple software for Windows and Macintosh computers, originally they were around £20/$45 but now their free! — SWITCH Switch is a free audio converter that supports an amazing array of formats ;;;; wav, mp3, mp2+ mpga au aif/aiff gsm dct vox raw ogg flac amr wma* wmv* aac* (notContinue reading “Want a free audio and video converter?”


I recently had an argument thats actually been going around, which do you think is the best, higher quality game play or average game play but with touch! A bit like the argument between PS3, 360 or WIi, personally I recommend anything Nintendo for the plain reason, THEY DON’T BREAK!!! Seriously how many times haveContinue reading “NDS or PSP”

Toshiba Laptop Going on Sale!

If anybody wants a decent Toshiba notebook, look on E-Bay in April and mine will be on, to be honest I don’t like Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95, NT, 3.5, etc, anything Microsoft apart from Live Messenger. Seriously I want to go Mac. Laptop Spec; Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 80GB Hard Drive 2GBContinue reading “Toshiba Laptop Going on Sale!”

Apple iPhone Review

First Impressions I mean, come on, it’s Apple, of course its amazing, this is the all new mobile phone to die for and at the price its starting at you probably will have to sell quite a hefty lot of stuff for it. The iPhone is been branded as a combination between a ‘mobile communications device’, ‘widescreen touchscreen iPod’ andContinue reading “Apple iPhone Review”

Sagem my600v Review

First Impression The Sagem my600v doesn’t look that special, yes its white and has quite a distinctive red side, has features you all want like a camera, memory card reader, bluetooth and even 3G but it looks and feels very cheap, and luckily for that reason it is. Thedevice is exclusive to Vodafone and is perfect for people who want aContinue reading “Sagem my600v Review”