Blog Sunday 30th January 2022 = End of an era, start of another, Covid madness and more!

March 2012 was the last time I posted a full blog, can you believe that? What’s changed in nearly 10 years, a heck of a lot, let’s catch up

For those who don’t remember, I used to post blogs often, in fact you could argue they were a factor and diary of my life at the time. Whilst it would be wrong to say I stopped for my own accord, I feel it’s more accurate to say I stopped for those around me so things didn’t get too personal.

Since 2012, I’ve been in a relationship, got engaged, ended that relationship, cycled through many jobs, a decade of tech, being trusted with a GRILL….I KNOW, like you had to put up with the BS of a statistical not-pandemic, and more gone through too, it’s certainly more than I’m running through here. Don’t worry, I’m not bullet pointing them all, though I will go over a few big things and changes in my life that I believe 2022 will peak. Be warned, some include rants about the world around us, so you can probably skip those.

Pretty “out there” post I added in early January on socials highlighting some big changes coming.

If I know most people well, people that saw that post probably thought I had either had too many of the ol’ Premier and was singing with the fairies, but, that’s not true at all, though I might have some now!

I believe that in life, everything happens for a reason, so I certainly don’t blame anyone for how I got here, why I’m here, any limiting factors took us to this point, or what luck brought others to where they are either, it’s the same reason I think it’s silly to look back on life with regret. But, regardless, throughout 2021 (and a while before realistically), I knew it was time for a lot of things in my life to either change in a huge way, or, I had to be the one to perhaps close a few doors for the next one to open, so to speak.

I was noticing more and more every day, I was saying to myself, “I’m not happy where I am”

The things I thought were the positives keeping me on my feet, could in fact be holding me back?

Those realisations I’d had for a few years, became so much clearer and are what brings me here

At first, in many ways it still might be, I thought it was work. It’s the easiest thing to blame. In life you’re essentially paid to put up with a certain level of bs, in order to go about the daily trials that life gives us all. And, whilst progression has happened in those areas to make things better, and, also, whilst I do still want to move forward in the future, it was clear that was in fact not the issue that was keeping me down at all. The issue was, I’m afraid, closer to home…just not the…home. Would it be one of my blogs without those weird mannerisms, no it wouldn’t;

End of an era

It’s impossible to say where the exact sign was that led to this conclusion, but it was clear that as the signs were just getting stronger, and more obvious, I needed change … or out. Whilst, some could argue this should have been something that I reached a long time ago, it happened when it did and we’re now where we are at as a result of this.

As a result of this, the back end of 2021, the preverbal ring was removed and I became a “free” man, as the saying goes. But, you know, the most striking thing about the whole situation, wasn’t that it was over, but that it was more a sense of relief rather than sadness. A weight was lifted, rather than a weighing me down of it being over, which if anything perfectly justifies the decision and tells me it was the right thing to do. Obviously, conversations aplenty, but thankfully this was also a mutual sense of release in the end.

This certainly wasn’t an out-of-the-blue thing, but the signs were spelled out, change was asked for in the sense of emergency it got to, and … that call just wasn’t answered, so it had to end.

Of course I’m speaking very vaguely deliberately, but the most important thing is that we’re both in very good terms and moving forward, which is, not only, where I needed to go, but also, where I will be, and I naturally hope she does too in that regard.

I must say, though, I do find it incredible how I’ve not only broke up from a long relationship, but begun a journey of anew, and not a single close friend has even noticed, I think we can blame the pathetic nature of the last 20+ months for that… but even so I’ll just say, well, don’t be the next Sherlock or Jessica Fletcher… you know, the famous murdery mystery writer, yes murdery!

I’m going to cover “events” of the last 20+ months later, but first… new beginning;

The beginning of anew… ?

Now, I know what you’re thinking…. you’re thinking Ben, did you really just make a blog to announce a breakup, well….. no, though if I’m covering life in the last 10 years, it’s a pretty big inclusion. But, as I said in that hint before, it also includes that “new paths begin” and it’s in my continuing vague nature I’m happy to say that new paths are indeed beginning. The signs are looking good, I’m happy, and, I’m not alone in this either.

Obviously, it comes with the obvious sign that we’re in early days, but I can tell you with confidence, I’m happy. I feel a sense of release and things are beginning to move forward in my life in new exciting directions, which when become more official, I might be less vague about it. You know who you are.

In all seriousness, it’s possible this new “beginning” might all goes tits-up, everything falls apart and I’m left on my lonesome, but, it certainly doesn’t feel like that will happen. Although, you know what, even if that ends up a reality, I will be so much happier that I actually tried, that’s the main thing.

I can also see that this new beginning has the potential to send me much further out to field than I’ve ever gone, travelling far, doing new things, making the big future dream a more possible thing to do and I think it’s that mostly that get’s me the most excited about all this.

But, as time goes by, things become more real, then let’s just say I’ll be able to be less vague.

Below here is basically a rant about the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a divider between that and when I get back to the “personal” blog

Covid madness

You know when things happen in life so pathetic that you lose faith in something, or I guess in some cases, someone. With the exception of very select Countries and US states, I’ve lose faith in the world when it comes to Covid, what a sh**show. Begun in China … yes it was, just like “Spanish” flu, what we now know as Influenza, Covid has become just an excuse to go absolutely crazy, the rich are now more rich, the poor proving how dumb and gullible they are and at the end of the day us with a brain in the middle just wondering what the hell is going on.

Whilst morons, mainly on the side of the left, I must say, think that Covid is the plague (it was never ANYWHERE near)… more scarily want it to be the plague, all ignoring the fact that it’s only ever proved to be very slightly worse than a typical Flu season, instead of dealing with it like one, instead of following an already set out respiratory condition plan known as “The Great Barrington Declaration”, give it a search, we all decided to listen to the Communists and go in to Lockdowns…madness. We’ve had fake news EVERYWHERE, not just from the proved to be fake picture of coffins in Italy, turned out to be from years earlier and nothing to do with anything out of the ordinary, but led to the west choosing Lockdowns, but generally just the theatre of it all.

  • Hand sanitising: Practically forced upon you at the start, and in some places still, making most peoples hand react (naturally), then we find out they always knew it was airborne so completely pointless
  • Plastic screens: Madness and stupidity, seen a lot still on virtue-signalling TV programmes and more…turns out they actually increase likelihood of spread as they trap airborne particles in to a shorter amount of space; well done
  • Social distancing: This is probably the only remotely plausible thing that was introduced, but it’s all theatre, especially on TV. You’ve seen presenters further apart from each other, even though backstage hugging. It’s all negligible.
  • Masks: Don’t even get me started on the rant you could do about Masks. Isn’t it hilarious how over 100 years of evidence in to what, specifically cloth-based and Surgical masks are supposedly for, has just been thrown away during this pandemic and replaced with something they’ve never been designed for, have warnings on the box saying they cannot do, and evidence proving they can’t … yet, we’ve been forced to wear them…logic.
  • Mandatory vaccines / Vaccine passports: There’s no doubt that for who they were developed for, the vaccines have been life saving, there’s no denying that. They were designed for the over 50s and clinically vulnerable… read that again over 50s and clinically vulnerable. Vaccines have NEVER been recommended for healthy individuals younger than that age, especially children, yet here we are! Unfortunately vaccines are, once again, a money making scheme for the rich. But, the real problem with mandating vaccines is the most important factor of all, below, which let’s be honest, makes the idea of mandatory vaccines, and especially Vaccine passports, completely stupid, illogical and those calling for them clearly have an agenda;
    • You can catch Covid-19 whether vaccinated or not
    • You, yourself, if vulnerable, have a greater survival rate of Covid if vaccinated. That is, after-all, why the vaccine exists.
    • You can spread Covid-19 whether you are vaccinated by as many jabs as you want, or are not vaccinated, at THE SAME RATE
  • Lockdowns: Contrary to belief, not all countries locked down. Sweden and Japan are great examples of countries that never locked down. Also contrary to what morons will tell you, “locking down earlier” makes zero difference either, as countries like Peru will show. It’s now undeniable, Lockdowns have made negligible difference to the spread of Covid, yet have cost Trillions worldwide, destroyed production, destroyed business and livelihoods, yet hilariously there’s people out there that think not only they were the right thing to do, but they want MORE?? What started as a battle against a pandemic to protect the people, isn’t it funny how it’s become a battle agains the people who want to protect the pandemic.
  • Mainstream media provably lying!: This is a big one. Whether it be BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, all of them have being peddling misinformation surrounding this pandemic since the beginning. Ofcom have been an absolute joke at NOT tackling this. There’s a number of course I recommend for seeking out factual or balanced views surrounding Covid, that does NOT include Twitter channels ironically like “Covid Fact Check UK”, which themselves have posted rubbish. I’ve discovered John Campbell on YouTube, who’s very formative in his approach, very data and post driven, but when it comes to media to watch for Pandemic news, I recommend talkRADIO, specifically Julia, and, most recently “some” GB News, though admittedly not all of it, mostly the former talkRADIO people like Mark Dolan, Patrick Christies and Dan Wooton.

This “pandemic”, if it’s really accurate to call it that, should have been dealt with as it was supposedly planned to be. Isolate the most vulnerable, the rest live their lives and DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE ECONOMY. I find it hilarious how there’s people out there who genuinely think the reason for cost of living increasing, taxes increasing, mental health issues increasing, idiots have the cheek to say that’s Brexit.

We never needed lockdowns, we never needed vaccine mandates, we need basic sensible approaches, but instead what near-all did was focus on getting rich people their private contracts and trick us all in to illogical measures.

For those reading this hoping this was a personal blog, and it’s turned in to me ranting about the scamdemic, I’m sorry, I’m finished. But, it’s important to know that it’s just being ridiculous.

Life and it’s hurdles

When you’re young and pretend you don’t care about relationships, likely playing with Cars, acting out some fight-scene, watching Dr Conrad on YouTube, you never really understand just how much your life can be both turned upside down, or right way up by a relationship. I’ve always said to myself, since day one, that if any relationship, or even any job, was to impact me in a negative serious way, I quit.

Obviously ending a relationship, isn’t quite the same as going to your boss and going F you, but I think you understand what I mean. Whilst I’m naturally being having moments where quitting employment does indeed enter your mind, at the same time I’ve recently begun moving up which has helped that considerably, though naturally you always want to go higher and I see that as a possibility in the future. Probably the only thing that still annoys me about work is that it’s literally the only job I’ve not really made any more than “acquaintances” with…. having said that, I do like to be left to my own devices (in many cases literally) so that works for me. It’s one of the irony of working from home, all News are all like “oooo it’s bad mentally…. oooo people hate not seeing others”, for those EXACT reasons are why it works perfectly for me, and it’s been a golden opportunity to build fresher bonds than I ever could have done.

It’s with that frame of mind, where I find myself now. Everything is beginning to come together and that is incredibly exciting. For the first time in a long time, I can confidently say that this time next year, progress will have been made.

Having said that, I’m still the same ol’ crazy guy who finds himself in the same Pubs, losing the same Quiz, which brings me really to the last of this here blog;

Where the bluddy-hell is everyone?

Probably one of the most annoying aspects of the Pandemic was that in 2019, I literally said I wanted to end 2019 and head in 2020 and see people I’ve not seen in ages…. that went well.

But, 2022 is here an it’s time for that to change. I think of many people I haven’t seen in LITERALLY years now which is absolutely crazy, that needs to change. If you’re reading this and wondering whether I mean you, yes I do. Even some people I may or may not have been thinking it was the last thing I wanted to do… joking aside though, many catch ups urgently needed and I hope those come soon.

To close … how are you

Last few months, probably more likely few years, have been a bit all over the place, but you know what, I’m good, and not just because I’ve finally learned how to cook Eggybread myself … YESSSS I can be trusted with a Pan…though cracking the eggs was erm.. hard.

For the first time, I guess in my life (sounds over-dramatic), but definitely recently, I’m excited for the future. There’s some unknown pathways I’m going down, I’ve already done things I never thought I’d do, took and taking some risks unlike me, and potentially going down the future pathway with someone new? Who knows, we’ll see, watch this space.

I know this blog has turned more in to some weird-ass philosophical thing, that’s what happens when your past forces you to be vague, but the future whilst currently cloudy, is clearing, and I’m ready!

I’ll probably update with another blog, less weirdly spoken as this one, more just me, in the coming months as things become more clear.

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