YouTube removes Episode 7 of Dr Conrad for “violating terms of service”

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YouTube removes Dr Conrad Episode 7

In a strange turn of events, we’ve found out this week that one of our 10 episodes of our old Dr Conrad series has been removed this week for violating YouTube terms of services.

Whilst we respect the decision that YouTube makes upon the content available on its platform, what we simply cannot accept however is the timing for which this has occurred.

We uploaded our Dr Conrad episodes 13 years ago. That’s 13 years time for YouTube to suddenly make the odd decision that a single piece of a series should be removed completely.

We have appealed the decision, for which we don’t expect success, and have replaced the main source of sharing our Dr Conrad episodes to our Vimeo service instead. We are disappointed by this decision but have moved passed it and we are where we are.

Luckily, Dr Conrad, and in fact all our RKUK Entertainment productions are archive material at this point and don’t serve as anything for future reference, however it is still disappointing that such event should have taken place on what was such an innocent project we made.

We’ll continue to keep the episodes visible and able through the RKUK Media website, as well as our Dailymotion and Vimeo channels, for which we’ve extra security upon the content remaining visible.

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