How to turn on the macOS Chime on newer Catalina Macs

In newer Macs, Apple, for whatever reason, removed the infamous “dong” sound which plays when you boot. This is true of all MacBook models from 2015 onwards, iMac Pro and newest generation iMacs, the Mac Pro and Mac mini.

But, what if you want to bring it back. Well, whilst there’s naturally being hacks to get this done, there’s now a native way in macOS Catalina to bring this back, and this is how.

1. Open Terminal

Open the Terminal application from Applications > Utilities > Terminal, or via the SPACE + CMD typing “Terminal”.

2. Type the following command

sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

Type the above command

3. Push enter and enter your Admin password

Done. Try restarting your Mac and hear a familiar sound.

Want to turn it back off?

Should you prefer it the way that Apple have changed it, you can naturally change it back with a very slight change;

Open Terminal again, however this time type;

sudo nvram StartupMute=%01

Tap enter, type your Admin password and, done.


Idea for post inspired by video from Zollotech

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