Apple updates iPad Pro with new upcoming Keyboard accessory with full Trackpad support!

Apple have updated the iPad Pro with a fairly minor processor increase, but more notable it was announced alongside the all new Keyboard accessory which with it brings a full Trackpad. The iPad Pro also brings quite a big increase in the Camera performance at the back as well, integrating the same lens options as the iPhone 11, with a bit more of a surprise for AR.

The design of the Keyboard case is actually fairly unique, now offering a floating position for the iPad Pro, which is actually adjustable and offers a USB-C charging input at the bottom sides allowing the USB-C port on the iPad Pro to be used for other accessories.

One thing more for note, is that this also works with previous generation, though for both generations of iPad, you’re gonna have to wait quite a while until this is released. Which is good as you’ll likely have to save up, £299 for the 11 inch iPad Pro or £349 for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is how much this will cost you! This will only work with current and last generations of both however.

The only other major change to the iPad Pro 2020 line is the change to the Cameras at the back, there’s more of them. Now the iPad joins the iPhone 11 with the singular Camera and a Wide Angle shooter, but it goes one step further with the introduction of a LiDAR Scanner which will be incredibly useful for AR applications as for those who don’t know, LiDAR technology is what is used by Self Driving Cars, so needless to say this is pretty advanced stuff for AR. This could also paint the picture for what is included on the next iPhone Pro models.

The internals of the iPad Pro though are surprisingly disappointing. The A12Z … yes Z, is more or less a variant of the same processor already in the previous generation iPad Pro which supports the LiDAR technology. Thanks to this, it has been found that the actual performance of the iPad Pro 2020 is pretty much, the same. The iPad Pro does have some extra RAM, now 6GB, which may help if you are regularly using multiple Apps or browser Tabs at the same time.

However, whilst you would think this would be a perfect opportunity to run out and check the prices of second-hand or refurbished iPad Pros, Apple have actually made the new one slightly cheaper by doubling the Storage capacity, meaning for £769 you can now get a 128GB iPad Pro 11-inch, or £969 for 12-inch.

However, if you can find a low cost previous generation version, I’d honestly recommend that, or keep your. existing iPad Pro, and if you’re interesting in the Trackpad support, this is part of the iPadOS 13.4 update and that Keyboard accessory (and third party) will be available and work with that too.

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