End of an era becomes real as Apple will finally drop support for Adobe Flash in next version of Safari for Mac! Others to follow

Like most browsers, Apple’s Safari has the option to try out developer version of the browser and it was noted that the latest of Safari’s “Technology Preview” lacked full support for the Adobe Flash plug in.

Apple have infamously being fairly against Adobe Flash, formerly Macromedia Flash, since back in 2010, ten years ago, when Steve Jobs published the “Thoughts on Flash“, which, at the time, was talking more in relation to the use of Flash on touch-based devices such as the, just announced, iPad, and the iPhone OS, in favour of the, also new at the time, HTML5 standard.

It wasn’t too difficult, beneath the usual smoke-and-mirrors, to see where Steve Jobs’ was coming from when it came to the post, Flash was built for a keyboard and mouse interface, something which mobile devices are just not built to support. The post, however, never affected the support for Adobe Flash on Mac OS X, now macOS, until this appearance of the technology being potentially dropped in the next version of Safari.

It’s worth mentioning a few things, however, about this. Safari Technology Preview, version 99, which is the first to stop support for Adobe Flash, cannot gain Flash in any way, whatsoever, so this would literally be a complete drop of support for the plug-in, something we haven’t seen since back in the mid 2000s with the drop of Windows Media support.

This is obviously something which will be affecting Safari primarily, other browser such as Google’s Chrome browser, which have their own embedded plug-ins for technologies such as Flash, will continue to be able to access the format and use it on those browsers. The decision as to whether drop the support on those browsers will lie with those developers, but with this big step by Apple, added to the continued problems Adobe Flash has allowed, it won’t be surprising to see everyone else beginning to follow.

What’s your impressions of the complete drop of Adobe Flash, for us it’s good riddance.

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