Apple release all-new AirPods Pro, noise-cancelling earphones!

For a product as popular as the AirPods, it’s certainly surprising that Apple went for a simple website refresh, but that’s what they did, and here’s what you get out of Apple’s new £250 variant of the AirPod experience.

Available on Wednesday, for, as we mentioned, £250, the AirPods Pro are certainly more expensive than the traditional AirPods, and, even the Wireless Charging version, so the natural question this begs, what do you get for that extra £90 or £50 instead of the old school AirPods?

Slimmer, more traditional design

Supporting rubber tips, having a far less longer trail, the AirPods Pro are certainly an improvement to the design of AirPods of yore, but they still have that striking, yes those are AirPods, look, but of course all of these put together, may explain the reason they’re proclaimed as “pro”, and, what will differentiate them from the traditional AirPods

Sound quality + noise cancellation = The biggest change

Who’d of thought Apple of all companies would be giving you a choice of rubber tip, crazy I know, but of course there’s a reason why so many companies use rubber tips in their headphones such as this, noise cancellation is a given, and, due to the way they fit in your ear, produce much better bass and sound quality in general.

Considering these are both the lacking features of the AirPods line before these were released, these are a pretty big deal, of course we will have to wait and see what the quality is like, as, traditional AirPods are quite frankly embarrassing quality for the price they’re asking for, we’re talking the same as EarPods here, so any improvement on that area is very much appreciated, but let’s not forget these are luxury devices, devices you want to be seen with, that are never the best ones, which is definitely the worst kind of product, but that’s the way it’s always been with AirPods.

Noise cancellation is also passive on the AirPods Pro, meaning that with software, you can temporarily hear your surroundings if you need to, which to be fair is a pretty advanced feature, though, still makes it a stretch to use the “Pro” branding, though this is Apple, remember.

The same Apple H1 + Wireless Charging

What makes AirPods better for iOS, as well as select other devices, is the way they can seamlessly connect without seeing a single Setting, other than that they’re fairly traditional Bluetooth headphones, but one thing we are impressed with, if you consider Apple pricing somewhat reasonable, is that compared to Apple’s older style AirPods with a Wireless Charging case, these are only £50 more for much better quality and sound cancelling.


The AirPods Pro improve in more or less every way versus the traditional AirPods, as well as building in the Wireless Charging functionality, though it is worth mentioning that battery life is ever so slightly worse than the normal AirPods, be it half an hour. Apple rate 4.5 hours of battery life, then naturally 24 hours using the case.

Probably the most disappointing thing about the AirPods Pro, based on the rumours which are never reliable, is that they only come in White, which still means they’re an eyesore, even if Apple offered them in just Black and White, it would be a start.

Other than that, the AirPods Pro are, be it a pricy, a big step forward for AirPods in general, though it will be up to you whether this price is worth it for you.

You can find out more and purchase your own AirPods Pro right here!

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